Binga transformation shines light on independence gains

Nqobile Tshili,

BINGA District will this year play host to Matabeleland North Provincial Independence Day celebrations  and the event is expected to showcase the massive transformation of the Tonga speaking community once regarded as marginalised while at the same time buttressing Government’s policy of rotating national events countrywide.

Under the Second Republic development has been scaled up in Binga district. 

Already, 21 major projects have been completed in Binga including the rehabilitation of Lubimbi-Mswazi road, the rehabilitation of the Binga Airstrip, the refurbishment of the Binga District Hospital mortuary, the rehabilitation of the Binga District Hospital mothers’ shelter and the establishment of the Twasumpuka Community Radio Station among others.

Government started rotating the hosting of national events in 2022, which saw Bulawayo hosting the national Independence Day celebrations at Barbourfields Stadium for the first time since 1980.

Last year’s national Independence Day celebrations were held in Mt Darwin, Mashonaland Central with Manicaland hosting this year’s edition at Murambinda. 

In line with the decentralisation trajectory, Matabeleland North province also introduced the rotational Independence Day commemorations with Binga district set to host the provincial event on Thursday.

The rotational hosting of national events is symbolic of the Government’s inclusive development agenda and is in line with President Mnangagwa’s policy of leaving no place and no one behind. 

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere cuts the ribbon to officially commission Twasumpuka FM in Binga District, Matabeleland North Province recently

Zanu-PF secretary general, Cde Obert Mpofu, said the attainment of independence has consolidated inclusive development in fulfilment of the liberation struggle objectives.

He said districts such as Binga, which for years has clamoured for development have seen massive transformation under the Second Republic which is taking development to the people.

“In line with President’s philosophy of leaving no place and no one behind, we are seeing a lot of development in places such as Binga,” said Dr Mpofu in an interview. 

“President Mnangagwa’s Government has provided fishing rigs for chiefs in Binga as part of the community development initiatives, there are now mines in Binga and there is a massive irrigation project, Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation, which is expected to turn the area into a green belt. 

“The community now has a radio station, clinics are being constructed and all this is being done to consolidate the gains of independence,” he added.

Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister, Cde Richard Moyo, said preparations for the holding of the Independence Day commemorations in Binga were progressing well. 

“Preparations are going on very well. As a province we are going to host our main commemorations at Manjolo Business Centre in Binga,” he said. 

“We are rotating the hosting of provincial independence celebrations just like what the Govvernment is doing at national level. Lupane, our provincial capital has for years been playing host to the provincial independence celebrations and now we are rotating the hosting of these celebrations so that every district has an opportunity to play host to the celebrations,” said Cde Moyo.

He said the decentralised Independence Day commemorations are also a reflection of the Government’s development agenda.

Binga district, which was previously marginalised has benefitted from massive development under the Second Republic. The provincial celebrations were last year held in Umguza District.

Cde Moyo said Uhuru commemorations were a reminder of the sacrifices that brought the country’s independence.

“We want people from all corners of the country to participate in national events. Next year, we might be moving to Nkayi as we want every part of Matabeleland North to share the experience of hosting these national events,” he said. 

“The country’s independence is an important day as it has made us masters of our destiny. 

Senator Chief Siansali from Binga, said the Second Republic in its inclusive approach continues to change the narrative for Binga from a marginalised and poor district to a player in the development of the country.

Binga airstrip

He said having Binga hosting the provincial Independence Day commemorations proves that the district is a bigger part of Zimbabwe.

“In the past, it was known that Binga was the poorest district that lagged behind in development but this has since changed because of the deliberate efforts by the Second Republic,” said Chief Siansali. 

He said the licensing of a community radio station which has started broadcasting, has enabled the Binga community to appreciate what the Government is doing for them.

“I cannot over emphasized the importance of Binga Vocational Training, which is really transforming the lives of our children. In the past it was common for people who wanted to engage people to do menial jobs to come to Binga. Our children were engaged as herd boys or domestic workers,” he said. – @nqotshili

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