It’s a done deal

President Mnangagwa

UNSTOPPABLE and indomitably marching towards certain victory, Zanu PF is set to get a fresh mandate from the people in Wednesday’s harmonised elections that are being held against the backdrop of life-changing milestones scored by the Second Republic in just five years, notwithstanding economic sanctions.

From achieving food security to building roads, dams and other key infrastructure, President Mnangagwa’s administration has lived to its promise of achieving development that leaves no one and no place behind.

The President has ended fuel queues, stabilised the economy, ended power outages and turned the country’s universities into hubs of industrialisation and modernisation.

In every part of the country, there are tangibles that have been delivered by President Mnangagwa through devolution.

When many thought the country would wobble and falter, Zimbabwe’s economy has been the fastest growing in the region, buoyed by a resurgent mining sector that has been taken from a less than US$2 billion economy in 2017 to the present US$12 billion, together with milestones in the agriculture and tourism sectors.

Pollsters have already predicted a landslide Zanu PF win and from the numbers that have been thronging the ruling party’s provincial rallies, that is seemingly apparent.

On Saturday, President Mnangagwa concluded his last rally in the Midlands Province, at Tongogara grounds in Shurugwi, promising the multitudes of his determination to continue to lift Zimbabweans into prosperity towards Vision 2030 of turning Zimbabwe into an upper middle class economy.

“Zanu PF is ready to yet again receive the full endorsement and mandate of the people of Zimbabwe through harmonised general elections. We need more time for us to build our motherland.

“Zimbabwe is ready to implement social and economic development. We are determined to lift more of our people out of poverty into a higher quality of life, no matter where they live.

“Zanu PF will leave no one and no place behind. I once again invite more of our fellow countrymen and countrywomen to join Zanu PF and vote for the ruling party,” he said.

The President said Zimbabweans should vote to defend their sovereignty and honour their heroes like the late General Josiah Tongogara, who hailed from Shurugwi where the ruling party had its last rally.

“We reject a puppet Government; we reject wolves in sheep skin; we reject sellouts. We have no appetite to be ruled by whites, never, never again. From Zambezi to Limpopo and from Plumtree to Mutare, we are a proud sovereign people of the great Mutapa Empire. On Wednesday, let us go and vote in our numbers.

“Vote for the people’s party; vote for Zanu PF, the only party that brought independence, freedom and democracy; the only party that has set the black majority on the path to get what is rightfully theirs, the land. We are now united with our land. Never ever again shall the people of this country be separated from their land. We are the only party that is modernising and industrialising, and growing our economy.”

He commended Zimbabweans for their peaceful conduct and urged observers to be open-minded during the whole electoral season and not to have pre-conceived ideas, or seek to lecture Zimbabwe on democracy.

“Zanu PF is well-prepared for victory on August 23. Zanu PF is unstoppable; victory is certain. However, in our DNA, as a revolutionary party, we preach peace and unity. We say no to violence; those who differ with us are allowed to do it in a diplomatic manner. As Zanu PF, we do not support such people, victory is on the horizon, our victory is certain,” said President Mnangagwa.

“On August 23, let’s all go and vote. We will be protecting our country, village by village, polling station by polling station, constituency by constituency, right up to the presidency and ensure Zanu PF is victorious.”

He said in the spirit of transparency, the country invited observers from across the globe because Zimbabwe has nothing to hide and would want the world to watch the reels of democracy roll.

“We are saying we have invited observers from SADC, from the continent and from beyond. As I say, observers, please come with an open mind, we are a peaceful people.

“I am happy that all our political parties that are contesting in the current election have adhered to peaceful electoral processes. I am happy that so far, almost everybody has promised no violence; this is what it should be. However, we, as the Zanu PF party, are at the forefront of preaching peace and condemning violence.

“We say no to any form of violence. We say no to any hate speech; we are children of one family. We, Zanu PF, are a colossal revolutionary party; we accept those who had lost their way and welcome them back. I am happy that so many of our colleagues are back. Identify yourself with the ruling party, not the ruled party.

“Zanu PF is a huge pocket and all of us can fit inside. We are delivering development that does not leave anyone behind, despite the sanctions imposed on our country 23 years ago.

“We have not looked behind, we have continued to march forward on the basis of our own resources and for the last three years, our economy has been growing at a rate above 5 percent. We are one of the fastest-growing economies in our region,” President Mnangagwa said.

His administration, he said, is entrenching democracy and constitutionalism and on Wednesday Zimbabweans will freely express themselves by electing their preferred candidates.


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