Archbishop Guti buried at ‘mountain of miracles’

Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA Forward in Faith) founding leader and National Hero Archbishop Ezekiel Guti was yesterday buried at his old church started in 1960 under a eucalyptus tree on a mountain in Bindura.

At this place, Archbishop Guti began his spiritual journey, learnt to read the English Bible and performed miracles.

The mountain became a prayer sanctuary for many people across the world and was known as a mountain of miracles.

One of Zimbabwe’s most famous clergymen, Archbishop Guti died on July 5 in South Africa and the church proclaimed 30 days of mourning before President Mnangagwa declared him a national hero on July 26.

Deputy Secretary General Steve Simukai said it was befitting that Baba Guti was laid to rest at that place.

“There is no man who has done more for this city than the man lying here. We are laying him to rest today but what he has done will move forward,” he said. “The foundation he laid and the work he has done is a revolution. The church is moving on.”

His widow, Eunor thanked the nation for praying for her family in its most difficult moment and promised that the church was not going to die but instead, continue growing.

She said Baba Guti laid the foundation so that the congregants could build on it. “We were given three apostles who will lead us. Let us pray for them and not divide them. Let us not tell lies or gossip to them so that they continue to lead with great love,” she said

She said Baba Guti had little rest and spent most of his time praying because he was devoted to the call God placed upon him.

She gave a moving eulogy on the life of the Archbishop and how he had led many people who had come forward to repent and receive Christ.

The resident bishop, Overseer Christoper Kapandura, said Baba Guti was a humble servant of God who loved everyone. “He discovered people’s talent. He did not take the glory of God to himself. ZAOGA Forward in Faith was blessed to have such a man,” he said.

“I call him a hero of the whole world. He groomed us, we came to this church poor. He gave us the vision of preaching the Kingdom of God.

“It is our duty now to do and preach what we were taught by our father. Our future is brighter than before.”

Overseer George Mutingura said the board of bishops and international headquarters had extended sincere condolences to the Guti family and the church.

He said it was a great priviledge and honour to serve as bishops under the “Moses of our time,” Baba Guti.

“A man who no words can describe but can be best described as a father of many nations, a humble servant of God, a great leader and a man full of wisdom,” he said.

“We stand with pride for our father who took time out of his busy schedule putting solid structures for the new season ahead.

“We are confident that we are ready to carry on the race, holding on to the teaching and putting everything in practice.”

“We are here for you, our mother. We pledge our full commitment to the work of God and we move forward together with the three appointed Apostles including our Father Dr Joseph Guti.”

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Senator Monica Mavhunga thanked President Mnangagwa for honouring Baba Guti with National Hero status.

She said his resting place had a special history for ZAOGA.

“ZAOGA was born at this place and the Holy Spirit led Baba Guti here from Highfield. He went on to commit years of dedication and selflessness in preaching God’s word all over the world,” she said.

“He built a university a few kilometres from here. The university is contributing to education and innovation as the country heads towards Vision 2030.”

Thousands of people and delegates from 168 countries gathered at the cathedral to bid farewell to the late hero who was described by many as a spiritual giant.

His body was first taken to Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) before it was taken to the church.

The university was established in 2012 and is the first Pentecostal university in Zimbabwe.

Acting vice chancellor Professor Innocent Chirisa said the university and many other schools that Baba Guti built were an extension of the gospel.

“When the church began, he had the vision for the university. He had great value for education. His vision was to see a person being saved and delivered,” he said.

The first dean of students, Jonathan Simango, said ZEGU was unique because it taught students entrepreneurial skills.

He said companies were requesting more students for attachment.

“Our father was a wise man. He translated what was in him to the students. I used to take the students to Baba Guti and we started with nine students,” he said.

The national hero was accorded a 21-gun salute by the military.


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