New association for Zim nationals in Kenya

Zimbabweans living in Kenya have formally launched their grouping named Association of Zimbabweans in Kenya (AZIKE) with the country’s Ambassador in Nairobi Winnipeg Moyo saying it will help in luring investment back home.

The launch is seen as a milestone achievement by the Zimbabwean Embassy in Kenya and will lead to constant interaction and prompt responses to issues affecting locals residing in the east African country, the region’s largest economy.

It brought together a diversity of Zimbabweans, including those in business, academia, agriculture, financial institutions, supporting staff and international organisations based in Kenya and beyond.

The celebrations ran along the theme of shared heritage and strengthening socio-economic bonds.

Despite the Association having been initially mooted in 2009, the official launch last week marked the beginning of a new chapter for Zimbabweans in Kenya, providing a wider platform for social cohesion, support networks, and the preservation of cultural identity.

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Kenya, Uganda and Somalia, Ambassador Moyo who presided over the launch at her official residence in Loresho, Nairobi congratulated all Zimbabweans living in Kenya, AZIKE members and non-members for finally breathing life in the association.

She commended the dedication of the members recognising that it took 14 years to finally register the constitution, which is also a good point for the work of the embassy.

“I express the conviction that AZIKE is on a trajectory to gain more members and urged the members to work together to realise Zimbabwe’s developmental aspirations.”

“Recalling His Excellency President Dr Mnangagwa’s mantra “Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo/Ilizwe lakhiwa ggabanikazi balo” I urge all Zimbabweans, from all walks of life, regardless of colour or creed to take up the bold decision,” said Ambassador Moyo.

The Ambassador was also empathic that every Zimbabwean had the responsibility to build the motherland, literally brick by brick.

She reminded the Zimbabwean diaspora of the Second Republic’s dedication to the inclusion of all Zimbabweans in the attainment of an economically vibrant nation.

Ambassador Moyo called upon Zimbabweans in Kenya to endeavour to be part of the programmes and projects that the Second Republic has and is undertaking to combat poverty and bring prosperity to the people of Zimbabwe.

She also urged all Zimbabweans to rise up with one voice and demand economic freedom which is not hindered by sanctions or any other debilitating restrictions.

Interim Chair of AZIKE, Dr Fungai Makoni paid tribute to the founding members of the Association lauding their vision which has come to be a reality.

“The Association’s overarching objective is to provide a platform for cultural exchange, professional networking, and mutual assistance among its members,” he said.

“The Association will continue to endeavour to plant renewed nationalism and a sense of pride in the members’ Zimbabwean identity as well as a commitment to actively participate in activities that promote the country.”

AZIKE, in its infancy, has already set a positive tone for the future, with plans to expand its reach, establish partnerships with local organisations, and deepen its engagement with the broader Kenyan society. The launch of AZIKE is not merely a ceremonial event as it represents a bold step toward creating a stronger, more connected diaspora community.

Dr Makoni thanked the interim executive committee and the organising committee for their support and dedication to ensure the success of the event while expressing his appreciation for the Embassy’s support over the years. 

Through the establishment of AZIKE, Zimbabweans in Kenya gained a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between cultures, share experiences, and create a supportive environment for everyone, thus forming a family unit.

The association plans to organise regular events, including cultural and networking mixers, educational seminars which will promote a deeper understanding of Zimbabwean traditions and foster a sense of community.

These initiatives aim to not only unite Zimbabweans but also raise awareness about Zimbabwean culture and values among the Kenyan population.


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