Zanu PF primaries set for Wednesday

ZANU PF National Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha

President Mnangagwa yesterday approved the final list of ZANU PF members who will contest the party’s primary elections to pick candidates for the February 3 by-elections.

The primaries are scheduled for this Wednesday. Addressing the media yesterday, ZANU PF National Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha said President Mnangagwa, who is the party’s First Secretary, approved the list after receiving recommendations from the ruling party’s provincial structures.

“December 13 has been set as the date for the primary elections and on December 18, the Nomination Court is sitting.

“Wednesday, 20 December to February 1 will be the campaign period,” said Dr Bimha.

He said all candidates went through rigorous vetting.

“When there’s an announcement of by-elections, we give notice of primary elections to invite those who want to participate.

“They then put their intentions to the provinces, which sit as provincial elections directorates.

“They will check if the candidates meet set guidelines and when they are satisfied that they meet the criteria, they recommend them.

“They also indicate those who have failed.”

Provinces, he said, were not allowed to turn down prospective candidates’ curriculum vitae.

“Once done, the CVs are sent to the party headquarters to the security department, which also makes recommendations on whether they meet the criteria,” he continued.

“As the national commissariat, we also make recommendations and then send them to our principals for approval.”

That entire process, he added, was undertaken last week.

He said preparations for the primaries were at an advanced stage.

“The presiding and polling officers for the primary elections will be drawn from the party structures and Central Committee members will be deployed to supervise the conduct of the elections.

“In provinces where we have more than one constituency, we will also deploy Politburo members.”

The cell registers shall form the voters’ roll, added Dr Bimha.

He said printing of ballot papers for the polls began after approval of the candidates’ list.

“There shall be one polling station in each ward, but in special cases where we need more than one will be considered.”

The following candidates were given the green light to contest the primaries: Douglas Gangaidzo, Joseph Tshuma and Cecilia Verenga (Pelandaba-Tshabalala constituency); Tinashe Chikonye, Mabasa Ditima, Genius Maphosa, Anywell Mukiwa and Washington Zhanda (Goromonzi West); Sharon Victoria Garwe, Tobias Munyaradzi Kashambe, Joseph Charles Mubaiwa, Kelvin Mutsvairo and Isaac Tigere Tichareva (Seke); Farai Chigarazira, Brian Chinyama, Timothy Masviba and Wellington Timburwa (Chegutu West); Gibson Chihaka, Antony Magama Dube, Kudakwashe Manhanzva and Francis Mukwangwariwa (Zvimba East); and Ernest Dzoro, Darlington Magodora, Lyton Moyo and Edgar Ncube (Mkoba North).

The by-elections were precipitated by recalls of CCC legislators.

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