UD Trucks’ all-new Croner Bus to revolutionise commuter industry

The all-new UD Croner Bus

Leading truck manufacturer UD Trucks is back with a bang in the commuter transport industry following with the introduction of the all-new UD Croner Bus.

Exclusively available from Croco Commercial, the classy and yet efficient UD Croner Bus is set to provide much-needed solutions not only to the Zimbabwean market, but the African market as a whole and comes in two variants, the PKE 280 commuter bus as well as the LKE 210 rural bus.

The two variants of the UD Croner Bus are designed to cater for both rural and urban commuters by connecting rural communities with economic hubs, in this case the urban areas, and workers with the workplace, consequently enhancing people’s lives.

In an age where people need to stay connected while on the move, the Croner Bus provides a handy service with USB ports fitted on all seats to ensure the commuter is able to charge his or her mobile device.

The introduction of the Croner Bus range is in keeping with UD Trucks’ usual high standards as a responsible corporate citizen, with the availing of a transportation solution that connects people on the move to opportunities every day ensuring that UD Trucks continues to play a leading role in supporting economic development.

Notably, both the PKE 280 and LKE 210 buses are based on the same architecture as the UD Croner Trucks which are engineered to ensure quality, durability and fuel efficiency.

A 65-seater, the Croner Bus PKE 280 also allows for 10 standing passengers and offers a reliable, economical and comfortable mode of transport between the urban centres and remote rural areas in Zimbabwe.
Equally capable of providing a comfy, dependable and cost-effective mode of transportation is the 40-seater Croner Bus LKE 210 and LKE 240 that also allows for 12 standing passengers.

The latest Croner Bus designs are built to provide a complete solution that places priority on comfort and safety for both driver and passenger.

Apart from the driver’s seat belt, each unprotected seat in the bus has a lap-type safety belt to protect against sudden stops or collisions.

At the same time, full-length handrails provide support for standing passengers, preventing them from falling while the bus is in motion while the bus entrance is well-lit to improve commuter safety.

Additionally, the PKE 280 bus has an electronically controlled air suspension system that is aimed at enhancing driving comfort and general performance efficiency while at the same time automatically controlling chassis height and compensating for uneven weight distribution to ensure the bus is balanced.

A relatively lightweight but ultimately durable bus, the PKE 280’s design is based on a Croner chassis with a high front and rear axle rating and is well capable of carrying high loads of luggage inside and outside the coach due to the reduction in chassis and bus weight.

For the commuter, the bus’ greater carrying capability ensures the transportation of a larger amount of luggage thereby enabling the movement of greater volumes of goods at one go.

As part of UD Trucks management of these commercial vehicles, both versions of the Croner Bus are fitted with a vehicle health monitoring feature termed UD Telematics which displays all critical alerts from the buses for the benefit of both client and dealer, ensuring the vehicle is brought to the workshop in time to ensure maximum customer uptime.

In this way, the Croner Bus range stands out as a first-rate choice for anyone who cares about their passengers and community in general.

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