The political ground is not level

In politics, some use quiet diplomacy and some are vocal depending on the approach of the political leaders and what they intend to achieve says Mr Zharare of Citizens Against Economic Sanctions (CAES Zimbabwe).

Executive Director Martin Zharare

Opposition political parties are vocal in demanding electoral reforms while the ruling party chose quiet diplomacy not registering their concern even though they are burning deep in their hearts.

The ruling ZANU PF party decided not to be cry babies fighting to level their track which some of the populace “conveniently” fail to notice.

Massive infrastructure developments being spearheaded by the new dispensation led by President Dr. E.D Mnangangwa are in the public domain.

The Hwange 7 and 8 power station upgrade which has seen reduced load shedding, the Harare-Beitbridge road rehabilitation, revamped irrigation schemes and dams construction, and the coming on board of international companies into various industries are some of the projects made possible under the able leadership of President Mnangagwa.

The Patriotic Bill was passed by the Parliament of Zimbabwe to protect the country from those who advocate for the imposition of illegal sanctions and denigrate their country.

The law is a welcome development.

However, the damage has already been done and it’s not the actual answer to the level playing field as the populace is engraved in high pricing and the parallel market rates facing economic hardships that have changed the position of a few who are not patriotic and can accept anything that is said to change their life.

Mr Zharare said the level field was going to be attained if Zimbabwe was not under the illegal sanctions as they are used to spruce up opposition politics giving them an advantage of preaching the goodness of changing lives of Zimbabwe knowing that they are the economy saboteurs.

The opposition seeks to clandestinely pull the plug of sanctions causing poverty if they are in power.

We cannot measure the failures of the President who is thriving on development under economic sanctions.

President Mnangagwa has managed a lot of development under these economic sanctions called on by saboteurs.

The country is always faced with rising prices of goods and services and parallel market rates whenever we approach elections so that the populace can feel the pain and change their minds to vote otherwise.

Because of the rule of law, it was impossible for elections to be postponed until sanctions were removed in order to attain a level playing field.

Opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa refused to acknowledge President E D Mnangagwa’s win in 2018.

To them, a fair result is where they emerge victorious.

Judging by the numbers at ZANU PF mega rallies, the opposition is all but buried. A landslide for the ruling party is imminent.

The CCC is a western sponsored outfit.

Zambia and Malawi elections went to opposition parties because the ground was level with no interference from the West and no sanctions.

In Zimbabwe, people are bitter because if you compare us with other countries you can see that some have done a lot of evil things warranting sanctions but there is no one in their countries who advocates for the sanctions like in Zimbabwe where there are few individuals benefiting from the sanctions.

The cry for reforms does not matter much compared to sanctions which are affecting innocent citizens waiting to be removed after CCC is elected into power which is a mountain task taking into account how the populace has resisted the economic hardships attending ZANU PF star rallies.

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