Holy alliance to usher Zim into prosperity: President

President Mnangagwa


A HOLY alliance among the State, Church and traditional leaders will build an upright nation and will usher Zimbabwe into prosperity, President Mnangagwa has said.

Under the Second Republic, the President said, freedom of worship was guaranteed and the State would continue to support the church, which provides both the moral compass and spiritual guidance.

Speaking during the annual service of Johane the 5th of Africa International Church in Mvuma yesterday, the President said the Church was a critical pillar for the development of the country as it instilled values of peace, respect, love and unity.

Such values, he added, ultimately lead to stability, which is vital for the development of any nation.

“God loves people who use their talents, I urge you all not to be troubled for anything but just look upon your mother country. We will build it together with the rightful owners being united from chiefs, churches and our party. If the three are united church at front, Government and chiefs, these three, the country will progress well in unity. For a country to progress well, there is need for divine spiritual guidance,” said President Mnangagwa.

Johane the 5th of Africa International Church is an apostolic sect with its origins in Johanne Masowe Echishanu founded and led by Archbishop Andbay Makururu.

The President, who is a devoted Christian, said if people were taught to be respectful, there would be peace in the country.

He urged congregants, who turned up in their thousands, to vote for him and the ruling party Zanu PF in the August 23 harmonised elections because the governing party represents hope and the future.

Worshippers welcome President Mnangagwa at the church service. — Pictures: Believe Nyakudjara.

“When you build this church, you are not only building your church but the well-being and psychological support of our people. This, in solidarity, you are building harmony and love. We in Government are glad when our country, which we lead, has prayerful people because we know that in church people are taught good morals such as respect,” he said.

As a champion of democracy, love, peace and unity, the President said in all his interactions with the Church, he has never come upon one that preaches hate and violence.

“As you can see, your President is a God fearing person, under the Second Republic we say all those churches who want to worship the Lord will continue having the freedom to do so, you are guaranteed to pray, pray and pray in your own country. We do not prohibit anyone. If there is anything you want the Government to assist you, approach us we will assist you be it farms, land for construction anything we will give you,” President said.

President Mnangagwa also castigated laziness saying even the word of God says lazy people do not deserve to eat.

“Let us farm so that we have abundant food in our country. We now have three years without looking for food outside,” he said.

On his part, Archbishop Makururu said President Mnangagwa is an ever-listening leader who always has time to listen to everyone and deserves the vote of Zimbabweans in the forthcoming elections.

“Zimbabwe I say enjoy, l was shown the President in a vision that he is a spiritual leader sent in the physical realm to liberate the people of Zimbabwe. In the past, it was difficult to interact with a Head of State, but now I am glad we have him in our company. We assure our vote to the President and Zanu PF,” he said.

The Archbishop said the holy spirit prophesied that President Mnangagwa will visit the shrine and will win the harmonised elections as the country will never be led by an opposition figure.

“The Holy Spirit revealed that the elections will be held in a peaceful manner. Thank you President for uniting and uplifting churches like never before,” he said.

Archbishop Makururu said congregants will gather again on December 1 to celebrate the victory of President Mnangagwa while offering him two beasts ahead of his victory celebrations.

The apostolic sect has its philosophy based on transforming indigenous churches to suit global standards and values.

Johane the 5th of Africa International Church was founded in 1995 by Archbishop Dr Makururu and has numerous branches in the SADC region including Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia among other parts of the world.

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