ED is the only hope for development – Dr Mpofu

Dr Mpofu

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa is the only hope for continued development in the country and for ensuring that all corners of Zimbabwe are at par in terms of development.

Zanu-PF secretary general, Dr Obert Mpofu, said this yesterday at a campaign rally held at Neluswi Primary School in Jambezi.

Dr Obert Mpofu on his arrival at a rally in Jambezi yesterday

As the ruling party ups its campaign trail ahead of the August 23 elections, the Second Republic has already won the hearts of the masses through its inclusive development policies that are anchored on the philosophy of leaving no one and no place behind.

Dr Mpofu was presenting the party’s candidates in Hwange East, led by national assembly candidate, Cde Alois Sikuka. He said over the years since the opposition came into being, there has been no meaningful development in the constituencies they won.

“I was sent here by President Mnangagwa who has proved that he really loves Matabeleland North. He has been here twice in the last two weeks first to commission Muchesu Mine in Binga, then he came to commission Hwange Thermal Power Station Units 7 and 8 expansion project. 

“Prior to that, he had sent our two Vice-Presidents Cdes Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi then the national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri was also here and now he has sent me, someone who was born here in Hwange East. This should show us how much our President loves us,” said Dr Mpofu.

Dr Obert Mpofu on his arrival at a rally in Jambezi yesterday

“We have suffered a lot, in the last 20 years that the opposition has been having this constituency. What development have they given us? Nothing at all. So, I implore you, please  let’s vote for Team Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF is the ruling party and is the only party that can bring development to this area.”

The former Cabinet minister said the Jambezi area played a very important role during the liberation struggle as freedom fighters would cross the Zambezi River to join the armed struggle hence it was important for the people in the area to protect the gains of the country’s independence.

“During the liberation struggle this area was one of the focal points where comrades were crossing the Zambezi to join the liberation struggle. Now after working hard to liberate our nation, we sell out to the opposition? 

“The opposition does not know anything about the liberation struggle and all they want is to reverse the gains of the armed struggle,” he said.

“If the people of Hwange East have been complaining about roads, water or other forms of development, it is because there is no leadership. I will tell you no development has been brought by the opposition. Zanu PF and President Mnangagwa are the only hope that can bring development.”

Dr Obert Mpofu on his arrival at a rally in Jambezi yesterday

Dr Mpofu said voting for the opposition has a danger of creating a disconnect as Zanu-PF would win and control the Government.

“Come 23 August let’s vote well and vote for the ruling party. President Mnangagwa has said that he doesn’t want anyone left behind, he wants every part of this country developed. How do you get rid of someone who loves us in that manner ?” he said.

“Let’s stand up and vote for team Zanu PF. Imagine voting for someone who is from the opposition yet the Government is from Zanu PF. There will obviously be some form of disconnect.”

Dr Mpofu said leaders must have integrity and that once elected into office, they must always lead by example.

“Being given a position does not mean you are a boss but instead you are now there as a servant to the people who voted you in,” he said.

“Let us lead with love and work together as a party. This is one of the reasons that we have previously lost in some constituencies in Matabeleland where people forget they are servants.

“We are a people’s party, anyone who wants to come back home we will welcome them with open arms because we all know that this is all our home.

“Zanu PF has the numbers, we will surely win resoundingly come 23 August, we all saw the huge numbers in Mashonaland East. I have also assured the President that Matabeleland North is also ready to vote resoundingly for the ruling party,” said Dr Mpofu.

Hwange has three constituencies namely Hwange Central and the Zanu-PF candidate is Cde Reeds Dube, Hwange East with Cde Sikuka and Hwange West where Cde Philani Moyo is the candidate.

Meanwhile, after the rally Dr Mpofu visited local chief, Chief Shana, who has not been feeling well for some time.

During the visit, Chief Shana emphasised the need for the nation to uphold unity and peace during and after the elections.

“What is important is that people should be united and ensure they vote for development,” said Chief Shana.


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