Science Subjects to be Taught in Local Languages

The government is developing plans to teach science subjects in vernacular languages recognized in the Constitution. This initiative aims to enhance understanding and mastery of sciences among students. The effort follows the launch of elementary science terms as part of a heritage-based learning approach.

In 2024, the government introduced a heritage-based education curriculum, replacing the widely criticized Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA). The Midlands State University’s (MSU) National Languages Institute (NLI) has been instrumental in this transition, translating essential science terms into the country’s 16 official languages, including Braille.

The goal is to create new opportunities for innovation and help Zimbabweans reconnect with their heritage, fostering a sense of identity. This inclusive approach ensures that all citizens are involved in scientific and innovative pursuits. President Mnangagwa has emphasized the importance of inclusivity, aiming to leave no one behind.

Heritage-based education, alongside the Youth Service in Zimbabwe (YSZ), marks a significant step toward decolonizing the minds of citizens who have often preferred English over their native languages. Teaching science and mathematics in every language is feasible and aims to achieve techno-scientific development using national languages.

As a sovereign state, Zimbabwe aims to implement homegrown solutions aligned with the Second Republic’s inward-looking policy. Achieving scientific and national sovereignty goes beyond language barriers, and embracing vernacular languages throughout the education system helps citizens express themselves comfortably and confidently.

The implementation of heritage-based education aligns with the Second Republic’s inclusive development agenda, ensuring every Zimbabwean has the opportunity to contribute to the country’s progress. Using vernacular languages in education helps eliminate feelings of inferiority and plays a crucial role in the nation’s development.

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