LGBTQ abusing the rights of children

There was an outcry from the United Methodist Church (UMC) congregants crying out to the Lord to have mercy and intervene in their church affairs especially the Zimbabwe Chapter to desist from allowing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) to be practiced in the church.

Last week we witnessed Lay members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Zimbabwe petitioned Bishop E.K. Nhiwatiwa, expressing strong disapproval of recent changes to the church doctrine approved at the General Conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Many servants within the church have remained mum on the issue fearing for their jobs. What this tells us is that the so-called servants are not called to serve the Lord but were after employment thus the stance to stand aloof while the Bible is being shred into pieces under their watch.

Other churches have not intervened as they view it as a Methodist or Roman Catholic baby but one day they will wake up to find themselves grappling with the same challenge. If allowed to pass the infection will engulf other churches.
We call upon the government to constitute an all-inclusive church regulatory board which will be mandated to regulate operations of the churches in the country.

It is now or never for everyone to advocate for the of the LGBTQ in Zimbabwe and Africa.
When the scourge of drugs proliferated most Christians and Muslims did nothing only to realise when it was too late that their offspring are also into drugs. The homosexual bug must be nipped in the bud before it is cancerous.
The most affected by the LGBTQ are the innocent children who are adopted and forced to say mother to a man and father to a woman affecting their mentality and life.
Those who represent the children’s rights are silent on this subject which is very clear. How on earth can we say that those who do not believe in sexual reproduction can adopt a child from those who believe in sexual reproduction?
The right to adoption by gays and lesbians points out that those who craft some of the rights have a sinister agenda that is not applicable and taboo.

Governments in Africa are urged to keep check of this vice and craft legislation banning it.

I appeal to readers if they can answer these questions, why is it that those who introduced God’s word are now rejecting it at the eleventh hour?

The second question is, why are the same people who introduced Christianity to Africans now introducing another doctrine of worshiping Satan thus going against the Bible they introduced?

These questions can only be answered by true visionary Christians as the educated say it’s the rights of a person.

Let us go to the drawing board and as Africans follow our culture and desist from adopting western culture which is toxic.

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