Public Reassured: No Covid-19 or New Viruses Detected, Says Health Ministry

Harare, May 26, 2024 — The Ministry of Health and Child Care has addressed growing concerns over the recent increase in flu-like illnesses observed across Zimbabwe. In a press statement released yesterday, the Ministry clarified that these illnesses are attributed to the common cold, which typically sees a rise during the winter months.

“The winter season is associated with increased incidence of common colds, and that is what has been seen so far,” the Ministry stated. They emphasized that the current cases are not linked to Covid-19 or any new viruses, and assured that there is no viral pandemic in Zimbabwe.

The Ministry advised the public to maintain healthy lifestyles, stay hydrated, keep warm, and use over-the-counter common cold remedies when necessary. This guidance aims to help citizens manage and mitigate the symptoms of the common cold effectively.

The reassurance comes as a relief to many, easing fears of another viral outbreak. The Ministry continues to monitor the situation and encourages the public to follow their health recommendations.

For further updates, the Ministry of Health and Child Care remains the primary source of reliable information on health-related issues in Zimbabwe.

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