The Return of the ‘Funeral President’: Chamisa’s Political Gamble

Former opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has hinted at a political comeback. According to a report by Alpha Media Holdings’ HStv, Chamisa suggested his return to politics while speaking at the funeral of the late Reverend Ellison Kamupira. Chamisa expressed regret that Reverend Kamupira passed away before he could take office and interpreted a statement by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga as a sign that he is ready to take power.

Chamisa left his party, the CCC, in January due to internal conflicts, blaming infiltration by the ruling party, Zanu PF. It is unclear whether he will form a new party or rejoin the CCC. Some speculate that he might join the “Blue Movement” or start a different party.

Critics argue that Chamisa is not a serious politician. His decision to leave his followers when they needed leadership showed political immaturity. They believe Chamisa may abandon his supporters again when faced with challenges. Citizens should be wary of political opportunists who prioritize personal gain.

Chamisa has also been accused of embezzling over $100,000 meant for his bulletproof car and misusing funds from several GoFundMe campaigns and party donations. He stepped down to avoid accountability for these funds, as supporters increasingly demanded transparency. Citizens should demand accountability for these funds if he returns to politics.

Moreover, Chamisa’s return is unlikely to have a significant impact due to his poor performance in the 2023 Harmonized General Elections. The electorate has lost confidence in him, viewing him as a coward who deserted his comrades during political battles. Additionally, Zanu PF’s progress in fulfilling electoral promises and stabilizing the economy weakens any attempt to revive his political career.

Chamisa has earned the nickname ‘Funeral President’ for using funerals for political gain. He has attended funerals, even of people he didn’t know, to campaign. At Reverend Kamupira’s funeral, instead of simply offering condolences, he used the event to promote his political comeback. This behavior was seen as unethical and disrespectful to the grieving family.

In contrast, President Mnangagwa showed a respectful approach while mourning the late clergy. He honored the occasion in a traditional African and Christian manner, offering genuine condolences without exploiting the situation for political gain. This moment highlighted the difference between a seasoned statesman like President Mnangagwa and an opportunistic politician like Chamisa, showcasing Mnangagwa’s commitment to empathy and compassion over self-serving interests.

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