Sikhala Lacks Ubuntu and Patriotism

Recently, Zimbabwe has faced significant division. Job Sikhala, a father of 11 and Chair of the National Democratic Working Group (NDWP), gave a controversial speech at the Human Rights and Democracy Summit in Geneva, sponsored by Western countries. In his speech, Sikhala criticized Zimbabwe with numerous falsehoods.

In contrast, two young Zimbabwean women graduating from Columbia University and Richmond University in the US made heartwarming speeches. They proudly identified with Zimbabwe, embodying the spirit of ubuntu and showing great patriotism.

With such educated and patriotic young people, there is hope for Zimbabwe’s future. Sikhala and others like him could learn from these young patriots that ubuntu, which means “I am well if you are well” and “I am because we are,” should guide our actions. Sikhala’s damaging lies to please a foreign audience harm his fellow Zimbabweans by giving enemies of the country reasons to impose more sanctions. This is not ubuntu.

We are Zimbabweans first and should protect our country together, despite our differences. It is both shameful and ironic that a grown man aspiring to lead Zimbabwe could learn from young graduates about the importance of ubuntu. Sikhala’s self-centered mentality is harmful and against the principles of ubuntu.

Generation , represented by these eloquent patriots abroad, shows that Zimbabwe’s future is bright. They deserve recognition for their patriotism and positive representation of Zimbabwe.

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