Police dispel they will use old uniforms at Independence Celebrations rumours

National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

POLICE officers who will be participating at National or Provincial levels of the Independence Day Parades will be allocated different uniforms as determined by the Officer Commanding Police Provinces.

This decision follows the spread of false information by certain junior police officers regarding the availability of uniforms for the 2024 Independence Day Parades at the National and Provincial levels.

In a statement, National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the dissemination of inaccurate details through social media platforms has caused confusion and demoralisation among certain members of the police force.

“For the record, all police officers taking part in the 2024 Independence Day Parades at National or Provincial levels have been allocated new uniforms. The members will wear a specific dress order which will be determined by Officer Commanding Police Provinces,” 

“In the same vein, the Zimbabwe Republic Police urges journalists to be cautious with some rogue police officers who are in the habit of using social media and some media houses to create confusion in the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” reads the statement.

Asst Comm Nyathi said the police are prepared to disclose the names and uniforms of participants in the 2024 Independence Day Parade to the media for clarification purposes.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is ready to give the media the specific names of all members participating in the forthcoming 2024 Independence Day Parades and the nature of uniform each member has received,” reads the statement.


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