False start to former CCC legislator’s assault trial

The trial of recalled former CCC MP for Mabvuku-Tafara constituency, Munyaradzi Febion Kufahakutizwi who is facing charges of malicious damage to property and assault failed to kick off today as the witness was unavailable.

Kufahakutizwi allegedly damaged a vehicle in Mabvuku and assaulted a Zanu PF member at a funeral.

Presiding magistrate Mrs Ethel Chichera postponed the matter to March 6.

Kufahakutizwi’s lawyer Mr Garikayi Mhishi put the State on notice that failure to summon witnesses on the next date, the case should be removed from remand.

It is the State’s case that on November 21, Mr Patrick Chitemba authorised Pastors in Action 4ED national administration officer Mr Douglas Matadi to use his Toyota Hiace to campaign for December by-elections for the Zanu PF National Assembly candidate for Mabvuku-Tafara constituency, Cde Pedzai Sakupwanya.

Mabvuku-Tafara constituency eventually didn’t hold by-elections after the High Court barred Kufahakutizwi.

But on November 21 at around 1 pm, while Mr Chitemba and his colleagues were parked at Kamunhu Shopping Centre in Mabvuku, Kufahakutizwi and his accomplices, who are still at large, approached him while driving a yellow and black Toyota Baby Quantum.

They then blocked Mr Chitemba’s vehicle and four unknown men disembarked from Kufahakutizwi’s vehicle, forced open Mr Chitemba’s vehicle doors and demanded to see Morgan Mupfurutsa.

Kufahakutizwi, who was allegedly seated at the back of the Toyota Hiace, instructed his accomplices to damage Mr Chitemba’s vehicle.

It is alleged Kufahakutizwi said, “Aya mapastors for ED ngavazive zvevhangeri chete, pwanyai mota iyoyo.”

Kufahakutizwi’s accomplices then hit the vehicle’s rear passenger window using wooden sticks, causing it to collapse, and they drove away.

The total value of damage inflicted on the vehicle is US$370.

On the charge of assault, the State alleged that on November 18, at around 2 pm in Mabvuku, there was a funeral opposite where Mr Michael Nyasulu lived.

There was a huge crowd of mourners who had gathered to attend the funeral and some mourners sat in Mr Nyasulu’s garden, causing damage to it.

He then asked the mourners to move away from his garden, and an altercation arose. The court heard Mr Nyasulu then went to a beer hall nearby and when he returned to his house, an unknown person at the funeral noticed that he was wearing a Zanu PF cap.

Kufahakutizwi then approached Mr Nyasulu, grabbed him by the collar and punched him, claiming he had thrown stones at the mourners.

Mr Nyasulu then ran away and was rescued by his brother Mr William Nyasulu.

He then went to ZRP Mabvuku and made a report, leading to Kufahakutizwi’s arrest.


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