First Lady earns plaudits for sterling work at Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home

First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa has earned plaudits for her unwavering commitment to giving a helping hand to the underprivileged, a development that has seen her transforming the lives of street children at Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home, formerly known as Chambuta Children’s Home, in Chiredzi South .

The children’s home was renamed Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home on June 3 this year in recognition of the sterling work done by the Mother of the Nation to transform and upgrade it into a modern facility with running water, newly painted and furnished rooms, uninterrupted power supply via solar, modern sporting and educational facilities.

It is now a completely different institution spearheading the rehabilitation of street children by creating a conducive environment for them to pursue their dreams like any other children of their ages.

Amai Mnangagwa, through her Angel of Hope Foundation, partnered local authorities under the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) and different other stakeholders to upgrade Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home, changing it from an ordinary home for street children into a safe and comfortable haven to rehabilitate and give hope to homeless children.

On Tuesday this week, the children’s home, tucked in remote rural Chikombedzi, was a hive of merry-making and feasting for the whole day after the First Lady and her working partners hosted a Christmas party for children at the upgraded home.

This has been the norm every year since Amai Mnangagwa partnered UCAZ and other players to refurbish the facility into a modern institution with latest facilities to nurture and groom children.

 It was a day of feasting and dancing for the children at the facility as they enjoyed the different dishes and drinks they were served, thanks to the Mother of the Nation and her partners.

The children could not hide their joy and excitement with a feeling of gratitude evident on their beaming faces as they enjoyed sumptuous dishes and drinks to cap yet another beautiful festive season courtesy of Amai Mnangagwa, the patron of the children’s home.

In his remarks, the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Ezra Chadzamira hailed the First Lady for her love and dedication to assisting the underprivileged around ZimbabwE. Minister Chadzamira commended the First Lady for her ability to foster unity among various players irrespective of political affiliation for the cause of helping underprivileged members of society.

‘’The First Lady has been able to foster unity enabling Zimbabweans to work together irrespective of political affiliation to advance the cause of assisting the underprivileged,” he said. “The First Lady does a lot to uplift the lives of other citizens be they women, youths and children and this is fully in line with the mantra that Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo.’’

Minister Chadzamira said only a few years ago, Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home was just an ordinary facility, but had since been transformed into one of the most modern shelters in the country where homeless children stayed. 

He said because of Amai Mnangagwa’s vision and love, Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Children’s Home now boasted modern sporting and educational facilities and even some household appliances such as refrigerators that could only be found in towns.

‘’It is our hope that in the near future this place (Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home) which was revived and rebuilt thanks to the First Lady, will house a primary boarding and secondary school and also a vocational training centre so that children who come here will live as skilled persons able to stand on their own in the world,’’ he said.

Speaking at the Christmas party, Masvingo Provincial Social Welfare Officer Mr Stancilous Sanyangore paid homage to the First Lady for championing the transformation of the children’s home which is now a completely changed place compared to what it was before 2018. 

He said the children’s home was renamed in honour of the work the First Lady put to transform the place into what it is today.

‘’We want to thank local authorities under the UCAZ banner for the work they have been doing to spruce up Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home working with the Angel of Hope Foundation that is led by our First Lady Amai Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa,” said Mr Sanyangore. 

“The buildings housing children here were in a dilapidated state but now we are very happy that they have since been renovated and upgraded after being repainted. We want to pay homage to the First Lady for the sterling work she did to transform this place into what it is today.

“On June 3 this children’s home was renamed in her honour for the good work and investment she has made to transform this place into a better habitat for children.

‘’There are several income generating projects that are now here thanks to the First Lady and her partners. We now have a thriving piggery project which started with one pig in 2018 but now the centre boasts of 96 pigs.

“This piggery project is important because it helps children at this home to appreciate piggery as a business they can pursue after leaving this home. There is also a thriving garden which is irrigated by a solar powered borehole that ensures water supply reliability. 

“We are also happy that Chiredzi Town Council is building another big pig sty that will help in the expansion of the piggery project here.’’

Mr Sanyangore revealed the First Lady, her Angel of Hope Foundation and working partners were also working closely with other councils in Redcliff, Kwekwe, Masvingo, Mutare, Gweru and Kadoma on various philanthropic programmes.

The National Assembly representative for Chiredzi South constituency, Cde Joel Sithole praised the First Lady for her untiring efforts to improve the lives of children and other vulnerable members of the society.

He said Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home was now a model facility of very high standards for rehabilitation of street children thanks to the Mother of the Nation’s boundless love and enduring support. 

Redcliff Mayor Councillor Clayton Masiyatsva rallied local authorities to continue supporting the First Lady’s vision which he said was not only inspirational, but ensured that children in hopeless situations were rescued and focused on the path to a better life.

Mr Michael Mubatsa a representative of Moresurface Company which has been closely involved in the transformation of Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home said the nation can only draw inspiration from Amai Mnangagwa’s good and exemplary work.

More surface this year installed a solar power system at the home and also donated various goodies for the Christmas party

‘’We have heard many stories about various vices here including drug abuse but the questions we should be seized with is what gave Amai (First Lady) the spirit and heart to come down to a far flung place like this, such a remote place and deciding to spearhead rehabilitation and support of homeless children? We are of course moved by what Amai is doing, we are moved and we draw inspiration from her philanthropic work,’’ said Mr Mubatsa.

Children at the home hailed the First Lady for extending her helping hand to rescue them.

‘’I used to stay in Chitungwiza and had never used a computer in my life but now I am able to use a computer because we have a computer laboratory here,’’ said one child. 

They thanked the First Lady for restoring hope in their lives, saying Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa Children’s Home now boasted state-of-the-art sporting facilities such as tennis courts which enabled those with a passion for sport to hone their skills.



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