‘SADC States keen to emulate 2nd Republic’

President Mnangagwa

POLICIES adopted by the Second Republic that have seen the country’s economy
growing exponentially albeit under difficult circumstances have piqued the
interest of SADC member States that are keen to emulate Zimbabwe’s success

This includes accompanying infrastructure development projects.

President Mnangagwa yesterday told the Zanu PF Politburo that the country’s
achievements in attaining food security and the construction boom without
external lines of credit has become a case study of the region.

“The developmental and growth milestones we are realising across all sectors
of the economy, attest to the sound policies of our party and Government as
well as the resilience and hard honest work ethic of the people of our great
motherland, Zimbabwe. We have every reason to be proud of ourselves as a

“The initiatives we are undertaking, in spite of the illegal economic
sanctions, are ground breaking. Our Pfumvudza/Intwasa Agriculture Model is
gaining regional, continental and global acclaim. Similarly, the ongoing
infrastructure development model, through our own local resources, provides a
useful case study for others to emulate towards accelerated development in our
SADC region and on the continent,” the President said.

For decades Zimbabwe has been under illegal Western economic sanctions that
were imposed as punishment for the land reform programme, but the Second
Republic has since turned adversity into opportunity through embracing science
and technology as anchors to the country’s development towards Vision 2030, to
become an upper-middle-class economy.

“The science, technology and innovation revolution has seen the emergence of
new industries and associated manufacturing sectors. Construction is booming
across the country, in both urban and rural areas, while the devolution and
decentralisation agenda has increased social service infrastructure.”

The ruling party’s resounding victory in the August 2023 elections stands as
testimony to the successes of Zanu PF policies, a party that the President said
is the only one that can modernise and industrialise Zimbabwe.

As such, President Mnangagwa said, party’s officials must cascade the
development gospel to the grassroots and, building on the victories in recent
elections, remain with the people and entrench and consolidate the
high-performance culture of results into 2024 and beyond.

“Our collective party work must translate into the improvement of the
quality of life of our people,” said the President, as he charged Zanu PF’s
wings to implement the cross-cutting resolutions of the Zanu PF National
People’s Conference.

“As we end the year and begin 2024, let us keep the grassroots mobilised and
confident in the party through the heightened implementation of party and
Government programmes.”

The President also congratulated Zanu PF’s campaign teams for last week’s
by-elections victory.

The ruling party won in Binga North, Beitbridge West, Bulawayo South,
Cowdray Park, Lupane East and Nketa as well as Mabvuku Tafara saying service
delivery must be at the top of the list of the winning candidates.

“The resolution of challenges being faced by our people and ensuring that
they see the opportunities around them, should be a key focus area for the
party. I urge all structures to ensure that the party is visible even where
there are no by-elections.”

On the international front the President said the country’s engagement and
reengagement thrust continues to yield dividends for Zimbabwe as relations with
countries like China, which donated military equipment, and Botswana, which
agreed to scrap passport requirement for the two nations’ citizens continue to
be deepened while new diplomatic frontiers will be opened.

The President however said the ruling party remains gravely concerned by the
growing humanitarian crisis and needless loss of life in Gaza.

“We, thus, continue to call for the respect of international law and the
peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in accordance with the various
resolutions of the United Nations and the dictates of the UN Charter.”

Ahead of Unity Day and Christmas Holiday, the President called upon the
nation to continue upholding the culture of unity, love and hard honest work.



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