Let’s walk President’s vision

Politics has been overused in the history of Zimbabwe with adverse outcomes. When the President says, let’s set aside politics, political manifestos and focus on economic development, it shows that he has the country at heart.

The President is relegating politics to the least of priorities, not because he is a political coward, but because he has witnessed over the years how politics has retarded this country in the old dispensation.

From 2017 to 2023, Zimbabwe has achieved more than the old dispensation has achieved in 37 years as politics has replaced development.

Practical politics has been the missing link and it’s high time that, all those appointed into various positions of influence must walk the Presidential talk. 

The vision of the President is pro the electorate unlike in the past where politics was elitist.

If the President is fully supported, Zimbabwe’s economy will reclaim its past glory. The improvement in the economy means the lives of the ordinary citizens is going to transform.

The improved economy is what the country needs and what citizens aspire to have. 

The President is clear that he wants servant leadership and it’s quite unfortunate that, there exists individuals who still have the old mentality of viewing public office as the shortest route to amassing wealthy.

With the two iron ladies appointed to superintend the Judiciary, Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo and Virginia Mabiza, the time is up for pick pocketers. 

The whole nation through these appointments is hopeful that the corridor talks of public prosecutors running errands for judges to receive kickbacks to pass lesser judgments on big offenders will be a thing of the past.

These two ladies do not even mind who your political connections are, those who abuse office should be ready to go to jail.

Thus, hopes are very high that if Government systems are cleansed from the top to the bottom, the country will experience reduced numbers of white-collar crimes.

The passing of correct judgments remains a vital cog in ending corruption because the lower ranking officials use cases of their superiors as yardstick to determine how far they can be corrupt and get away with it.

The audit reports from the Auditor-General that used to be ignored, the long arm of the law is definitively coming. 

The President is using every forum to remind the nation that peace, zero tolerance to corruption, development-oriented approach and co-existence are the cornerstones of meaningful development. 

The recalls in the CCC party are not health to the nation, taxpayer money is being wasted which would have been used for development projects.

The problem within CCC party is that its leadership still worship political power far that they no longer care how their political bickering is affecting the ordinary people. 

Had Chamisa heeded the President’s call that, let’s join hands to build the country, political polarisation would have been a thing of the past. 

Leaders of the various political parties are mandated to give political and ideological direction to their supporters.

The President’s desire is to see all political parties in Zimbabwe having one vision and one ideology of leaving no place and nobody behind.

The equitable distribution of political power has been the missing link in Zimbabwe. 

It is quite unfortunate that, CCC still believe in victim’s card politics, sympathy vote, retributive politics, sabotage, and external solutions to internal problems. 

The same retributive elements have turned the tide against the CCC leadership to the detriment of even their own electorate. 

What is currently happening in the CCC party, is exactly what the President meant when he said let’s set aside politics and focus on nation building under the mantra, nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.

The President went on to create POLAD to accommodate every political party so that issues of national interest are discussed together.

Instead of joining the big tent and develop the country, others were busy preaching national sabotage, “ndodira jecha musadza”.

Nation building is every citizen’s responsibility and like what the President had declared, let’s bury the hatchet, walk together, and build our country in peace. 

It is not too late for Chamisa to join POLAD unconditionally. 

Solutions to this country are internal.

Join POLAD and exhaust the internal remedies there and seek external remedy when it is very necessary to do so. 

The statements that ZANU PF cannot do anything without me is what has eaten into Chamisa’s political capital after President Mnangagwa proved him wrong.

In 2018, ZANU PF had the easiest campaigning strategy, look at what we have done and not ought to do.

Politics in Zimbabwe has transformed from promises to actions, this created a new culture orthopraxis politics.

The verbs and big grammar like the late Nigerian actor Sam Loco Efe and Osofio no longer entice the electorate. 

With the human security environment, actionable politics is the new norm. 

This is why, all appointed persons must walk the Presidential talk, of leaving no person and place behind.

This means the old culture of taking public office for personal gains or for political expediency is over. 

Let us focus on the real and sustainable development where the country must target more technocraticism, a competent-based development. 

Development of a nation is competent based on where Vision 2030 is epitomised. 

The competent-based approach should be applied across all aspects of Government.

It is high time that the Parliament of Zimbabwe move a motion to allow the President to appoint only seven as political appointments and the rest technocrats.

The President was forced to drop some appointments because of the restrictions of the law. The President must be allowed to choose the technocrats of his own choice without any limit. 

Those appointed because of their various competencies should walk the talk after they have assured the President during their swearing in pledge that, they are ready to serve. 

All appointees must follow the President who is leading from the front by turning Government promises into a reality. 

In the past there was too much of politics in Government. It is unfortunate that, opposition is still making frantic efforts to politicise Government.

Taking glory from seeing Zimbabwe being denied Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is retrogressive politics. Every forward-looking citizen must shun retributive politics and focus on service delivery through servant leadership.


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