Zanu-PF ‘Thank You’ rallies on the cards

Zanu PF National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha

ZANU PF will have its “Thank You” rallies after this month’s Annual National People’s Conference as it cements its dominant status after winning the August 23, 2023 harmonised elections.

In the aftermath of the harmonised elections where Zanu PF romped to victory, the ruling party is aiming for a clean sweep in the pending by-elections, one in the National Assembly and four in municipalities.

Briefing the media in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said the party will hold victory celebrations across the country’s 10 provinces to thank the electorate.

“There will be thank you rallies in all the provinces. 

“We had quite formidable forces against Zanu PF and these were not just local, but even beyond our borders and they were forces that really wanted to see regime change in Zimbabwe.

“Fortunately, the people of Zimbabwe have spoken and we would like to believe that they will continue to speak against those forces. 

“We will have the thank you rallies throughout the country, but we will have a national one that will be held in Mashonaland Central, after winning all the 18 seats back to Zanu PF.

“We are still very excited and obviously when we romp to victory we want to celebrate and say thank you to the electorate for their participation. 

“The elections are behind us; we are in a celebratory mood after having won resoundingly with majority seats in Parliament. 

“Like we have been doing when we are victorious, we want to thank the people.”

Cde Bimha reiterated that the work of the ruling party is their manifesto hence the continued trust from the electorate.

The party, he said, will continue on a developmental trajectory aimed at improving people’s lives to levels of an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

Already the party has won the Makoni Rural District ward 33 rerun with Zanu PF candidate Cde Japani Maxwell emerging victorious.

“We are also quite excited that we have won. During the 2023 August harmonised elections, we had our candidate Cde Japani Maxwell coming out of the elections in a tie with the opposition candidate and because of that there was a need to have a re-run between the two candidates. 

“We are excited that Japani Maxwell won in the re-run by garnering 60 percent of the total votes, showing that Zanu PF continues to be victorious and continues to dominate the political scene,” Cde Bimha                                                                            said.

There are also upcoming by-elections in Kusile RDC ward 13, and Nkayi RDC Ward 11 in Matabeleland North Province, Ward 13 Vungu RDC, Midlands and Ward 23, Zvimba RDC, Mashonaland West.

Cde Bimha said the nomination papers for these by-elections have been filed successfully and the polls will be held on November 11.

The party, he said, will be having the official launch of its campaign for the Gutu West constituency by-election this Saturday where Vice President Cde Kembo Mohadi will officiate.

The campaign launch is meant to drum up support for Gutu West Zanu PF candidate Cde John Paradza, who is also the Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs and will be battling it out with three other candidates from the opposition including Mr Ephraim Murudu of CCC.


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