British academic recruited Mumba for regime change mission

Dr Nevers Mumba

A BRITISH academic was at the centre of the European Union (EU) plot to derail the country’s democratic processes in last month’s elections, working closely with a willing SADC member State that is sympathetic to the opposition.

Last week, The Herald exposed how the SADC Election Observer Mission (SEOM) and the country’s opposition were pawns in the European Union (EU) grand scheme to effect regime change in the country.

To disguise its regime change agenda, the EU recruited elements in the SADC region, in particular the SEOM, which was led by Dr Nevers Mumba, a former vice president of Zambia, who turned out to be a willing tool of, and for the Western world’s devious agenda.

Working closely with Dr Mumba was British academic Professor Stephen Chan, a so-called expert on African affairs, who was, according to diplomatic sources, working with a named SADC head of State.

In a meeting that was held at a local hotel between SEOM and the European Union Observer Mission team, Dr Mumba claimed that Zimbabwe was ready for a change of regime and that he was leading the SADC delegation at the behest of Prof Chan.

Through a blizzard of micro-blogs, Prof Chan in August maladroitly announced how he was working with Zambian officials to influence the country’s poll outcome.

“Leaving for Zambia tomorrow night, among other things to collect the State honour HH conferred upon me last year. It will be interesting to hear the Zambian view of the Zimbabwean elections.”

On August 15 2023, Chan demonstrated his closeness to the Zambian authorities and boasted about the VIP treatment he was getting in Lusaka. He wrote: “The view of Lusaka from my hotel room. Was whisked through VIP by ministry personnel. Only in Qatar am I normally given Ambassadorial treatment. Wasn’t expecting it here. But, after a long flight, I’m not complaining.”

Prof Chan also glossed over how Zambia ran its elections that delivered a victory for President Hakainde Hichilema and poured scorn on Zimbabwe.

“Being greeted at Lusaka International: “Well Stephen, do you think our Zimbabwean friends who used to sneer at us over everything, fully appreciate that we run free & fair elections with gracious losers & generous winners? And we, unlike them, are getting our economy together?”

On August 16 2023, Chan made public his relationship with Nevers Mumba and mischievously retorted that Mumba was going to be “a wise chairman of the SADC observers”.

“Ah, my old friend, Nevers Mumba, former Zambian VP & presidential-aspirant. I thought he would be a bad president but he will be a wise chairman of the SADC observers.

“It is well to remember that Nevers Mumba comes from an opposition party, but HH still proposed him to head the SADC observers in Zim — because a free opposition is in fact the key indicator of a free democracy.”

On August 19 2023, Chan let the cat out of the bag and pre-empted the predetermined position that Mumba had about our elections. Chan wrote, “I am in Zambia & very senior people here tell me that Nevers Mumba pointedly said to them he would call the election as honestly & if necessary as hard as he could.”

A few days before the elections Prof Chan made an audacious attempt to enter Zimbabwe and oversee the elections, however his façade that he was coming as a karate trainer could not escape scrutiny, leading to his deportation.

According to sources, Prof Chan has been, for some time now, working with the opposition to push for a change of Government in Zimbabwe.

The sources said in the grand scheme of things, Dr Mumba and the opposition were mere pawns of the EU mission that was disguised as election monitoring when the script to dismiss the polls was written even before Zimbabweans voted on August 23.

Tomorrow, will publish the third and final part of the behind the scenes meetings between Dr Mumba and the EU chief Observer, Fabio Massimo Castaldo where he received instructions on how to use conjecture and generalisations to dismiss the country’s elections.


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