Malawi seeks to emulate Zimbabwe

President Mnangagwa meets Malawi’s Homeland Security Minister Dr Kenneth Zikhale Reeves Ng’oma at State House in Harare, yesterday

ZIMBABWE is the only country on the African continent that is inspiring other states to stand-up to Western bullies and chart their own path away from the shadow of neo-colonialism, a cabinet minister from Malawi has said.

This was on display during the country’s harmonised elections on August  23 where Zimbabweans overwhelmingly voted for President Mnangagwa and his ruling Zanu PF party.

Following a closed door meeting with President Mnangagwa at State House in Harare yesterday, Malawi Minister of Homeland Security, who is also advisor on strategy for the Malawi ruling party, Malawi Congress, Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, said Africa is proud of Zimbabwe.

In an interview after the meeting with the President, Dr Ng’oma said African states were “proud” of Zimbabwe’s resilience and tenacity in the face of adverse conditions wrought by unilateral sanctions.

Dr Ng’oma said Zimbabwe had led by example by looking inward and empowering its people to be the major drivers of development in the country.

He said there was a lot other countries could learn from Zimbabwe’s current growth trajectory.

“I was delegated to come and see the inauguration and swearing-in ceremony of His Excellency President Mnangagwa which was so exciting. We are so proud of what has happened in Zimbabwe because of all the countries, you are now the leading African country that has fought the West and managed to survive even in times of sanctions.

“This is a very good example that you have empowered your people to do all the developmental issues which we thought may be for the foreign countries and Zimbabwe has developed and it is a food basket for Africa, something that we are really admiring,” he said.

Dr Ng’oma said the way Zimbabwe had conducted its harmonised elections in a non-violent and peaceful manner was something that shocked the world as it has never happened before.

He said the Second Republic had shamed the country’s detractors, as they had hoped Zimbabwe would fall into anarchy.

“We are very grateful to have seen harmonised elections that are more peaceful than ever, we never thought that Zimbabwe would conduct such a peaceful election in an environment where there are sanctions, this is great.”

Malawi, said Dr Ng’oma, would emulate what Zimbabwe is doing in terms of developing the country and reviving its economy.

He said Malawi had already borrowed a leaf or two from Zimbabwe’s growth thrust.

“We want Malawi to emulate such examples, as such we want to work with your Government to ensure that we also grow and develop our economy. We appreciate the manner you are fixing the economy and we are borrowing some of the strategies that you are using and we hope that in the future we should be talking on par,” Dr Ng’oma said.

During his inauguration address on Monday, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe had come out victorious against imperialist forces and would continue on that trajectory as the country was now a “mature democracy”.

“Our unparalleled conduct before, during and after the electoral processes is praiseworthy and will be an everlasting standard and benchmark as we continue to deepen and entrench constitutional democracy in our country.

“There are no losers, but a victory for the people of Zimbabwe against the neo-colonial and hegemonic tendencies of our country’s detractors and those who believe that might is right.”


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