Second Republic in tandem with vision 2030 Goals

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His Excellence President E. D Munangagwa, leading the second republic have attained a total shift in the development projects being implemented. The president have set the tone for advancement in Zimbabwe’s infrastructural development that has boosted the country’s ability to put to effect the vision 2030 goals.

To give a glimpse of the ongoing mega projects, the president commissioned the ground breaking for a Cyber City of Zimbabwe being constructed in Mount Hampden, in collaboration with the Mulk International, a UAE based company. Not only that, the Museum of African Liberation is already in advanced stages of construction in Warren Park urban area. These constructions are complemented by the double satellite launch by the government of Zimbabwe. Thus, His Excellence President E. D Munangagwa’s vision 2030 is on track although being affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the construction of the country’s parliament in mount Hampden aim to decentralize Harare’s capital activities to the new extension. Therefore, development is intensified in the new area while reducing some unemployment challenges. To further tackle the employment and development issues, the government embark on a ZESA project, that is speculated to produce, “600 megawatts.” It is a project established through joint venture with the Chinese government.

All these projects are in tandem with the nation’s vision 2030 goals and also surpassing the people’s wildest dreams of development. In respect to the implementation of these mega projects, the country’s economic potential rest at a high summit. The economic potential is already being realized through the tourism sector via the national airport improvements and expansion. In effect to airport developments, R. G Mugabe airport is now estimated to capacitate six million passengers per year. A significant impact to the transport sector’s 2030 goal.

The investment injected towards the achievement of vision 2030 are distributed in projects that include the construction of the new airport terminals and rehabilitation of the existing terminals to meet world standards, the developments of new bridges such, secondary radar system with a VVIP pavilion, airfield ground lighting and communication systems.

Smaller aerodromes in Mutare, Masvingo, Bulawayo and Buffalo Range in Chiredzi are being refurbished to benefit the locals’ access to air transport while improving infrastructural face lift. The upgrades are spurring growth and development, while keeping the sustainable goals on track.

Still on transportation developments, Zimbabwe’s major roads are being modernized. Beitbridge – Chirundu highway and Plumtree-Mutare highway are in advanced stages to completion. With most of the actual construction done, final touches to the highways are set to be completed way ahead of schedule. This gives the government ample time to get into the secondary roads’ rehabilitation.

Furthermore, expansion and overall development of inner roundabouts and those intersecting major roads are underway. For example the Mbudzi roundabout is in advanced stages of construction, and set to be completed well in time. Since the work is moving on expectedly.

With the roads being developed, access to water resources related projects have been magnified. Dam construction has been scaled up, with 12 currently at various advanced stages of development. To stay on top of the game, irrigation schemes are being revamped to ensure food security in the country.

Dams such as Bindura, Murovanyati, Chivhu, Semwa, Ziminya, Gwayi-Shangani and Kunzwi are providing relief in resolving water supply challenges in cities. The dams are also aimed at supplying irrigation water for various communities in rural areas and commercial farms.

Due to increased accessibility in remote areas and under the president’s thrust of leaving no place behind and no one behind in the national development plan. There are developments in Binga that have been sidelined for some time and are being revived for example, the government managed to construct Binga Vocational Training Centre and some infrastructure developments in other parts of the country. On that note, there come the Devolution programs that came about rural economic development. Devolution programs unfolded various projects such as the construction of schools, clinics, growth points and borehole drilling. On a high note, command agriculture comes as a relief to farmers aiding them with the inputs including machinery.

Most of the projects motioned for Vision 2030 are on target, with some projects facing challenges of advancement due to transitional problems. Our communication sector is still lagging behind on digitalization because of shifts caused by the pandemic’s stagnation effect. However, the progress being made on mega projects are evident that His Excellence president E. D Munangagwa is making proper advances and correct moves on establishing the country’s prospects for the 2030 goals. When all goes according to plan, the country will achieve most of its 2030 goals on time and some a little early. Although, due to unexpected obstacles such as the covid 19 pandemic, a slight stall on some projects may result in late progress.

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