‘This nonsense must stop’. . .President reads riot act on prices

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday read the riot act on businesses that are working behind the scenes with vested foreign countries to hike prices to make the people suffer and turn against the Zanu PF-led Government, especially as the country heads for harmonised elections.

This follows a spate of often inexplicable price increases that have been witnessed in the past few weeks, increases that often defy market and economic logic as they are benchmarked on the parallel market and have squeezed the consumer hard.

The President said his patience was running thin with the business community that was seemingly working in cohorts with the country’s detractors to effect regime change in Zimbabwe as they covetously eye the country’s rich mineral resources which they can get through puppets in the form of opposition parties.

Speaking to thousands of first-time voters at a rally that was organised by Young Women for ED in the city of Masvingo yesterday, the President said his Government would  not brook any more nonsense from businesses that were in the habit of increasing prices.

“We are aware of those bent on causing havoc in our country by attacking our currency, they will never succeed, they want our minerals, vanoda kuti imi mukatsamwa voisa zvimbwasungata zvavo, vouya vachimora, imi miromo yenyu yakangochena nenzara, Pasi navo. We will remain united as a people.

“This wanton increase of prices and manipulation of the foreign exchange rate must stop. This morning when I met the (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) Governor (Dr John Mangudya) and the Minister of Finance (Professor Mthuli Ncube), I gave them instructions that we shall not tolerate this nonsense. Those who are going to be found wanting and commit crimes against measures we have put in place, we shall have their trading licences withdrawn, because these people doing these heinous acts to cause suffering on our people, I now warn them, warn them three times. Understanding that dialogue, tolerance, love, respect and friendship must remain key traits among our people, this is the DNA of Zanu PF,” said the President.

The huge crowd at Young Women 4ED interface with President Mnangagwa at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo yesterday

Thus, the 2023 elections, the President said, offered Zimbabweans a platform to reject puppets who were denigrating the country and invited sanctions that have caused suffering on the people.

Over 100 affiliates of the party attended the rally—which was a demonstration of the ruling party’s mobilising power ahead of the August elections and which also shows how the party rejuvenates and renews itself through drafting the young people and merging them with the old.

The President told the young people, most of whom who received their national identity documents free of charge, that the country erstwhile detractors cannot now come and preach ideals of democracy and majority rule which Zanu PF paid for through blood resulting in the rule of the people that Zimbabwe enjoys today.

“We in Zanu PF are building this country while some opposition parties supported by their Western handlers are causing suffering to our people through sanctions and the attack on our currency. These detractors and their surrogates have never had the people of Zimbabwe at heart, our mass revolutionary party is the only party with a vision for the future,” said the President.

Since 2018, the President has implemented various projects that speak to every demographic group in the country—as he implements development that leaves no one and no place behind.

For the youth, who came up in their numbers, the President has created jobs, set up innovation and industrial hubs to create employers among the young, availed scholarships for the economically disadvantaged and also provided a host of life transforming projects.

The huge crowd at Young Women 4ED interface with President Mnangagwa at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo yesterday

Such leadership has attracted young people to the party with this on display during the recently held party primary elections where the youth won in wards and constituencies with more seats guaranteed for them through the quota system.

“You the youth of today must stand up and play your role towards the realisation of Vision 2030, and the Zimbabwe we all want. To be able to do so. It is important that we appreciate our past and rich history. We are no ordinary people. We are a brave and resilient people, we fought and overcame imperialism, nothing can stand in our way as long as we are united and focused, we will achieve our goals,” the President said.

He said because of the land reform programme, some Western countries imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwe to make the people suffer.

“These ruinous sanctions are still a shackle to our development and have been upon us for 23 years now. We have been on our own with no lines of credit from any nation in the world. Other than that, we ourselves focus on the resources that we got from God,” said the President.

Most of the first time voters were born under sanctions and have lived all their lives under the baneful economic embargoes but the President said through “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo” Zimbabwe will be developed using its rich minerals, water sources and fertile soils.

The President said the unilateral economic sanctions are a violation of economic and social rights and the youth should stand up on August 23 to vote for their rights and the rejection of the Western countries and their hegemonic practices including cultural imperialism.

The huge crowd at Young Women 4ED interface with President Mnangagwa at Mucheke Stadium in Masvingo yesterday

He added that while during the brutal 16 years of fighting for independence some people lost lives and limbs to achieve majority rule. The youth of today must defend the country’s independence through voting for Zanu PF.

The President was accompanied by his Zanu PF Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi, Zanu PF Politburo members among others.

In her speech, Young Women for ED leader Cde Tendai Mavetera said Zanu PF has embraced everyone hence the multitudes who were in attendance yesterday.

“As affiliates we would like to thank you because you embraced us. We have so many young women, who are joining politics because of you. So many young people want to join the party because you have opened the door for them. First time voters who are here will vote for you because you are a leader who delivers,” said Cde Mavetera.

Giving a testimony, a nurse aid thanked the President and First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa for bringing several projects to their doorsteps.

“As a person living with a disability, I would like to thank the President for giving us sewing machines, goats and other projects that have transformed our lives. We will be saying ED pfee on August 23,” said Vimbai.

The President was treated to a drama skit from the comical Vharazipi who, in his satirical way outlined development projects that have been carried by President Mnangagwa since the dawn of the Second Republic.

These include the empowerment of women, youth and Infrastructural development projects in every part of the country that leave no one and no place behind.

“Ini saSabhuku ndinoti ngatizivei kuti chakatanga ndicho chakachejedza. We must work as a team but in a team we need a striker and our striker is President Mnangagwa,” said Cde Vharazipi.

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