Binga communities laud universal health coverage initiative

DEVOLUTION funds have transformed health service delivery in Binga District of Matabeleland North Province, with five clinics at various levels of completion, while others ready for commissioning.

Vision 2030 envisages an affordable and efficient health delivery system, hence initiatives such as the construction of new health centres like Malaliya Clinic under Chief Pashu in Binga.

Other clinic projects being implemented in Binga district are Zambezi, Sinamusanga, Kalungwizi and Binga Centre.

Beneficiaries are grateful for the projects being implemented by government to ensure universal health coverage.

“We are happy because of the clinic, when its opens, it is going to assist us a lot, we will no longer be walking more than 10 kilometres to the next clinic,” said a villager.

“This clinic is going to help us as mothers since we have to take our children for vaccinations and it’s difficult to walk long distances as pregnant mothers,” noted another.

“The next clinics are between 10 and 14 kilometres, so this clinic will help us,” another villager said.

Binga Rural District Council Engineer, Engineer Zibusiso Nyoni gave the scope of the projects being implemented using government’s devolution projects.

“The five clinics which we are building using devolution funds are at various levels of completion and they consist of male and female wards, pharmacy, antenatal ward, sluice room, waiting area, duty room, consultation room and treatment room. The Malaliya and Zambezi Clinics are almost complete and they will be commissioned soon,” he said.

Malaliya Clinic has a catchment area of three wards which consists of five villages.


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