ZEC to set up media monitoring committee ahead of 2023 general elections

THE media has been implored to be professional and ethical in providing information and content ahead of the general elections which will be held on the 23rd of August.

The Zimbabwe Media Commission is expecting the media to play a critical role through objective and fair reportage of the electoral processes following the proclamation of the election date for the country’s general elections.

This Monday, the Zimbabwe Media Commission addressed the media stressing its critical role in the dissemination of credible information for the electorate to make informed decisions.

Speaking to Zbc news, ZMC Chairperson, Professor Ruby Magosvongwe said, “Regarding the upcoming elections, the commission is particularly interested in seeing a professional and responsible media which promotes the free flow of information and content which enables our citizens to make informed decisions.

“The media as the fourth estate is expected to provide a communication platform between contestants and the voters. By providing such a platform for public debate, the media enables voters to judge for themselves.”

The commission which has already come up with an election reporting and peace journalism manual for media practitioners, said it is also seized with issues around enhancing the security of journalists during the election period.

“ZMC has already begun the process to capacitate the media players to play their role. The commission has already launched an election reporting and peace journalism manual which deals with the conduct of the media even covering political activities among other issues.

“The commission is also interested in enhancing the security of journalists and we will be engaging different stakeholders to have an appreciation of the work that journalists do,” added Professor Magosvongwe.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) will set up a media monitoring committee to monitor the coverage of the 2023 General Elections.

The committee which will be chaired by the ZEC will comprise the Zimbabwe Media Commission and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.


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