“Empowering Change: St. Giles Golf Event Catalyzes Rehabilitation Improvements”

HARARE ROYAL GOLF CLUB, June 21, 2024 — The 2024 Charity Golf Tournament, held at Harare Royal Golf Club, marked a significant milestone for St. Giles Rehabilitation Centre, drawing widespread community support and highlighting the collective effort towards enhancing healthcare services in Zimbabwe.The tournament, organized to raise funds for the renovation and upgrading of the Occupational Therapy section at St. Giles, saw the participation of 84 enthusiastic golfers. Despite the lower turnout compared to the expected 120, the event was a resounding success.

The fundraiser aimed to replace outdated equipment with state-of-the-art facilities, adhering to global standards, to ensure the highest quality of care and rehabilitation services for patients.”We are deeply grateful to all who participated, sponsored, and supported this event,” expressed Precious from the PR office of St. Giles Rehabilitation Centre. “Your involvement signifies not just financial contribution but a partnership in our journey towards enhancing healthcare services in our community.”

The event received positive responses from the corporate world and the St. Giles circle of friends, overcoming economic challenges. Notable sponsors included NSSA, CBZ Bank, Schweppes, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, OK Zimbabwe, Old Mutual, and many more.

Their support, both in cash and kind, was instrumental in the event’s success.The Guest of Honor, Matilda Nyati, CBZ Group Chief Marketing and Corporate Affairs Officer, pledged a personal donation of $1,000 USD and an additional $3,000 USD on behalf of CBZ Holdings. Nyati emphasized the importance of corporate support for St. Giles’ mission and challenged attendees to visit the Centre to witness its impactful work firsthand. She also generously donated back her Guest of Honor appreciation gift.In addition to the golf tournament, the event featured exhibitions where various exhibitors showcased their services and products, promoting interaction and encouraging business partnerships. This dynamic environment underscored the event’s role not only as a fundraiser but also as a platform for networking and collaboration in healthcare and rehabilitation.

The tournament’s highlight was a vibrant cocktail party where achievements were celebrated and generosity flowed freely. The top three winners were Mr. D. Elijjah, Mr. F. Tamburayi from Nyaradzo Group, and Mr. O. Hinidzarira. Their outstanding performances were acknowledged during the evening, adding a competitive edge to the charitable event.”While we aimed for a larger turnout, the commitment shown by everyone involved has brought us closer to our goals,” remarked Precious. “We have achieved 75% of our target, and we invite continued support from all stakeholders who share our vision for comprehensive healthcare.”

The funds raised will directly support infrastructure upgrades and service enhancements at St. Giles, ensuring better care for patients and increased capacity to serve the community effectively. Beyond financial contributions, the event fostered partnerships and alliances that are crucial for sustainable healthcare development.

As we reflect on this successful event, we are inspired by the solidarity and goodwill shown towards St. Giles. Together, we are not only improving facilities but also strengthening the fabric of our healthcare system.For those interested in becoming part of this transformative journey, opportunities for involvement and support are always open. Whether through donations, partnerships, or volunteering, every contribution plays a vital role in advancing St. Giles Rehabilitation Centre’s impact.The 2024 Charity Golf Tournament stands as a testament to the power of community and collaboration in driving positive change. By rallying behind St. Giles, participants and supporters have not only raised funds but also strengthened the foundation for a healthier and more resilient future.

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