Prendergast, a Dirty Tricks Operative

The Sentry, a CIA-sponsored investigative project established in 2016, continues its futile efforts to effect regime change in Zimbabwe. In its latest edition, The Sentry attempts to tarnish the image of Zimbabwe’s Intelligence Agency, following its previous attempts to undermine the country’s sanctions-busting measures.

The Sentry was co-founded by American actor George Clooney and John Prendergast in 2016. Prendergast, a former US National Security Council Director for African Affairs turned “human rights activist,” has focused on Zimbabwe since 2021 as part of the US’s broader strategy of regime change. The Sentry also operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Sudan.

John Prendergast is a “dirty tricks” operative whose mission is to destabilize liberation movements in Southern Africa. He has a history of unconstitutional operations directed by the CIA, particularly in Africa during his tenure as NSC Director for African Affairs. Prendergast and The Sentry are used by neo-imperialist governments to demonize countries that do not align with Western interests. In Southern Africa, they target the Zimbabwean Government and ZANU PF, the ANC in South Africa, the MPLA in Angola, and SWAPO in Namibia.

The Sentry is essentially a US intelligence tool designed to cause regime change by smearing the reputations of independent nations. In Zimbabwe, the organization has partnered with Trevor Ncube’s Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), which has become The Sentry’s official mouthpiece for spreading disinformation against the Zimbabwean Government. Ncube works with The Sentry’s Director of Communications, Greg Hittleman, to spread falsehoods. Ncube and his AMH team should heed the African proverb, “A child can play with its mother’s breasts, but not its father’s testicles.” The government is closing in on journalists collaborating with The Sentry to spread lies about Zimbabwe and its institutions. The government will not tolerate the media space being abused by unpatriotic media houses and rogue journalists to satisfy regime change agendas.

The very year The Sentry was launched, historian Susan Williams published “Spies in the Congo: The Race for the Ore that Built the Atomic Bomb,” which highlights Shinkolobwe, the world’s largest uranium mine in Congo’s Katanga province. The book exposes operations by Prendergast and his colleagues, aligning with the US’s quest to regain control of African resources post-independence by destabilizing governments opposed to its foreign policy.

In summary, The Sentry embodies US-sponsored arrogance and power, unscrupulously destabilizing sovereign states as a form of neo-colonialism. However, Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

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