COMMENT: Zanu-PF is the most organised political organisation worth rallying behind

Dr Bimha

THE clean sweep by Zanu-PF in the weekend by-elections is a shift by the people after realising the mistake of voting the chaos-riddled Citizens Coalition for Change that was recently dumped by its leader Mr Nelson Chamisa. 

Mr Chamisa, reeling from the chaos he caused by avoiding an elective congress following the formation of CCC, abandoned ship after he was outsmarted by the party’s interim secretary general Mr Sengezo Tshabangu.

In a clear admission of the disaster of his strategy, Mr Chamisa announced that he no longer had any association with CCC and a few legislators have followed the embattled opposition politician with the majority opting not to quit the party. 

The CCC was characterised by chaos from the start, leading to a fall out between Mr Chamisa and his two lieutenants Professor Welshman Ncube and Mr Tendai Biti among other prominent figures in the opposition party.

It comes as no surprise therefore that Zanu-PF is winning back seats previously held by the opposition as the revolutionary party has proved beyond doubt that it is not only the most organised political organisation but the only one worth rallying behind. 

“We had predicted the same (the victory), talking about Zanu-PF romping to victory come February 3. This is because of several factors. First of all, if you recall that when we were campaigning during the August 23 (2023) harmonised elections we said we were not moving around talking about a manifesto, we had done well in terms of the economy and therefore, the Government had performed well and as a result, we had an overwhelming victory for the President in the August 2023, harmonised elections.

“So, this was just more of a carry-over from that. We were not talking about a new manifesto, but talking about the performance of our Government,” said Zanu-PF Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha.

“There are things that people can touch which demonstrates performance and this against a very hostile external environment when it comes to sanctions imposed against this country, despite that we are one of the fastest growing economies in the region and that in itself is a manifestation of a performance-focused Zanu-PF Government.”

Dr Bimha said Zanu-PF was an organised party with clearly defined roles for its members.

“The party itself is a solid party, with very clear structures and because of that, people are very clear of the various roles that they play in the party so the structures in the party are very intact, the Women’s League, the Youth League, the War Veterans’ League even at the provincial level, district and cell level,” he said.

“So, we have a very solid party with solid structures and that in itself contributed to people having a positive perspective of Zanu-PF as a party.”


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