Primary and Secondary Education Minister Torerayi Moyo’s Museum of African Liberation tour in pictures

Ambassador Kwame Muzavazi giving his remarks at the Museum of African Liberation on Monday
Primary and Secondary eduction Min and his deputy hon Angeline Gata relaxing in the Heritage village Hall during the tour
Hon Torerai Moyo and his deputy coming out of one of the huts at the Heritage Village during the tour on Monday
Institute of African Knowledge (Instak) spokesperson Mr Joseph Nkani explaining about the place to the Minister and his deputy
Instak spokesperson stressing a point during the tour
Instak spokesperson Mr Joseph Nkani explaining something about other countries who are going to be part of the project of the Museum
Hon Torerai Moyo flanked by his deputy Min Hon Angeline Gata on his right whilst Instak spokesperson is on his left side
Min Torerai Moyo and his deputy Min Angeline Gata with a female soldier at the Museum of Africa
Primary and secondary Education Min Hon Torerai Moyo and his Deputy Min Hon Angeline Gata with a male soldier at the Museum on Monday in Harare
Min and his deputy getting down
Instak spokesperson reading the message for the Min at the Museum
Min Torerai Moyo and deputy Min Angeline Gata getting down from the top notch vehicle
Instak spokesperson Joseph Nkani leading the team during the tour
The Museum of Africa Liberation is situated in Warren Park suburb in Harare .The whole facility plan includes Shopping Mall., Hotel and presidential apartments after completion

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