G77: Global South urged to increase cooperation, collaboration

Countries in the global South should harness their numerical superiority to ensure their interests and aspirations are addressed for the betterment of their peoples’ livelihoods, President Mnangagwa has said.

In a speech read on his behalf by Zimbabwe’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Albert Chimbindi at the G77 plus China summit here, President Mnangagwa said there is need for the global South to leverage on its diversity and geographical reach through increased cooperation and collaboration.

This, he said, would see the eradication of poverty, the fostering of peace and the addressing of climate change-induced phenomena such as droughts.

“Let us leave this Summit with a renewed commitment to our shared vision of a just and equitable world, where there is shared prosperity, peace, security and positive transformation to lives and livelihoods of those furthest behind.

“Let us stand united in pushing for tangible action that ensures that the interests of the global South are not only acknowledged, but prioritised.

“We have to make our numerical superiority, our unity in diversity, and our expansive geographical reach, count. Through increased cooperation and collaboration, we will be able to combat poverty, address climate change and foster peace and stability,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe was committed to partnering other countries in the global South to ensure inclusive and equitable development that leaves no country behind.

He said platforms such as the G77 plus China provide an opportunity for brainstorming and weaving solutions on a plethora of global issues.

“Zimbabwe has a very keen interest in matters concerning the global South. We recognise the pivotal role of the G77 and China in providing a platform to collectively attend to social and economic issues, leading to transnational commitments that address pressing challenges.

“I wish, by way of illustration, to recall that my country hosted the 20th International Inter-Ministerial Conference on South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Population and Development in October 2023. The conference, successfully set the stage for discussions on the post-International Conference on Population and Development 2030 (ICPD 30) agenda, linking ICPD issues and global trends.

“Zimbabwe is fully committed to the ideals of the G77 and China and is ready to partner with other countries of the South in our shared endeavour for inclusive and equitable development.

“This commitment is premised on our recognition of the importance of working together to address common challenges, to promote sustainable development and to improve the well-being of our people,” he said.

The President also called for all member states to establish needs-based approaches in the remaining years until 2030, and in the formulation of the post-2030 developmental agenda.

This would ensure that the needs of developing countries were met.

“Zimbabwe calls upon the international community, particularly the developed countries, to fulfill the commitments to provide financial, technological and capacity building support to help our nations address the biggest challenge of our time, which is the titanic fight against poverty.

“As my country continues to implement our foreign policy of reaffirmation, engagement and re-engagement to reach our goal of being a friend to all and an enemy to none, we note, with concern, that there are countries that have chosen to maintain the unilateral coercive measures that they imposed on Zimbabwe,” he said.

Turning to sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, the President said they were hampering the country’s development prospects.

“These unwarranted and unjustified sanctions, which have been in place for more than two decades now, have negatively impacted our development trajectory and have caused significant suffering to the generality of our people.

“I want to take this opportunity, to express the profound and utmost gratitude of my country, to the G77 plus China for the principled and unwavering position against the imposition of unilateral coercive measures.

“This support and solidarity testify to the commitment of the group to justice and fairness, to the primacy of dialogue and is a total rejection of unilateralism.

“We remain confident in the assurance that the G77 and China will continue to call for the immediate and unconditional removal of all sanctions on Zimbabwe and, indeed, on all G77 and China member states.

“The illegal, unwarranted sanctions, notwithstanding, Zimbabwe continues to forge ahead with its development trajectory, guided by our vision which aims to achieve an upper middle-income society by 2030,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said the Second Republic would continue initiating people-centred policies that would undoubtedly transform lives.

“The confidence reposed in my party and Government by the people of Zimbabwe in the 2023 harmonised elections, has further strengthened our resolve to continue implementing transformative policies for the well-being of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Our policy thrust is guided by the philosophy that “a country is built by its own people,” a clarion call for each and every Zimbabwean to put their shoulders to the wheel. In this endeavour, we are leaving no one and no place behind,” he said.

The President reiterated his call that Zimbabwe was open for business and offering various investment opportunities.

“Zimbabwe is open for business, and I take this opportunity to invite you all to consider partnering with us to take advantage of the multi-sectoral opportunities that abound in the country, for mutual benefits.

“There are numerous investment opportunities in the agriculture, mining, tourism, infrastructure development, manufacturing, technology and services sectors,” he said.

President Mnangagwa also expressed Zimbabwe’s concern about the Gaza situation, saying “dialogue, not war will lead to an enduring situation”.

“The situation in the Gaza Strip is of extreme concern to Zimbabwe. The latest flare-up of this longstanding question demands our collective attention and a resolute commitment to finding a just and lasting solution. Dialogue, not war will lead to an enduring solution.

“We, once again, join calls for a ceasefire, as well as uninterrupted access to life-saving humanitarian assistance.

“We, also, join calls for concrete and decisive steps to be taken towards a two-State solution which, in our view, is the only long-term solution to this question.

“The people of Western Sahara deserve our support as they seek the opportunity to determine their own destiny,” said the President.


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