New US$25m plant to slash water chemicals import bill

PRODUCTION of aluminium sulphate, one of the three primary water treatment chemicals, has started in Zimbabwe with President Mnangagwa yesterday commissioning a US$25 million water chemicals manufacturing plant owned by Chilmund Chemicals in Bindura.

The project is evidence of growing belief and self-confidence among Zimbabwe’s young entrepreneurs who are now taking up opportunities in the manufacturing sector while producing at international quality standards.

The plant is capable of producing 10 tonnes of aluminium sulphate an hour, for both local and export markets, and will support the Government’s quest to enhance access to clean and safe potable water.

Aluminium sulphate is used to purify raw water, extracting everything in collodial solution that tends to make water cloudy and muddy looking.

Apart from saving import bills, the new plant will allow local authorities to access the chemical at lower cost.

The availability of chemicals will also help curb issues of cholera outbreaks that often bedevil some cities and towns who in the past would usually run out of stock of the essential chemicals citing delays in delivery.

Speaking while commissioning the Chilmund Chemicals plant in Bindura, President Mnangagwa, who had a busy schedule after capping graduates at Bindura University of Science and Technology, said this was a clear testament of the mantra, ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.’

“The US$25 million Chemical plant we are commissioning today will produce granular and liquid aluminium sulphate. This will undoubtedly assist in easing perennial challenges which our country has been facing with regards to water purification chemicals.

“The establishment of this chemical plant further dovetails with my administration’s call for an import substitution strategy, as well as innovation, science and technology driven solutions to our country’s challenges,” he said.President Mnangagwa said the country should continue on the trajectory of producing top quality goods and services as exhibited by Chilmund Chemicals.

“It is also impressive that the aluminium sulphate produced here meets international quality standards. This will see products from this plant supporting my administration’s quest to enhance access to clean and safe potable water as one of the most basic human needs for health and well-being, in line with our National Development Strategy and UN SDG 6,” he said.

The plant was evidence of the growing belief and self-confidence among Zimbabwe’s young entrepreneurs, who are now taking up opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

“The tour of this facility was insightful and the achievements are a reflection of your resilience, innovation and hard-working nature. Congratulations for a job well done,” the President said.

He commended the bold decision by Chilmund Chemicals (Private) Limited to invest and manufacture locally in Bindura.

multi-pronged and demands multi-stakeholder efforts,” President Mnangagwa said.

The President also took time to thank Mashonaland Central province for a landslide Zanu PF victory in the August harmonised elections, adding that his victory and that of the ruling party was a result of a peaceful, credible, transparent, free and fair process.

He said he remained forever indebted to the people of the province.

“I express my gratitude to the people, Madzimambo edu, and Zanu PF leadership here in Mashonaland Central Province, for your unquestionable love of our revolutionary mass party, Zanu PF and country.

Well done Mashonaland Central Province, Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlophe,” President Mnangagwa said.


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