Justice has prevailed at last, say victim’s parents

Tapiwa Makore’s mother Ms Linda Munyori (centre) responds to questions from the media flanked by relatives outside the High Court in Harare yesterday

Tapiwa Makore’s parents and relatives have welcomed the death penalty imposed on the boy’s killers by High Court Judge Justice Munamato Mutevedzi yesterday saying justice had prevailed at last.

Justice Mutevedzi sentenced Tafadzwa Shamba and Tapiwa Makore (Senior) to death for the gruesome murder of Tapiwa Makore (Junior) in 2020. Makore (Snr) was the victims’ uncle.

Shamba was last month convicted of murder while Tapiwa Makore (Senior) was found guilty of being an accomplice after providing his house for the commission of the crime.

Relatives however said they would find closure once the boy’s head had been recovered. The victim’s body was buried without the head which is suspected to have been used for ritual purposes.

Mr Munyaradzi Makore, Tapiwa’s father, said he was disheartened that his son’s killers showed no remorse at all after killing the then seven-year-old.

“I am satisfied with the death penalty that has been given to my son’s killers; Tafadzwa Shamba and my brother Tapiwa Makore (senior).

“However, I am saddened that up to today, they still can’t admit their wrongdoing. They are not remorseful at all. They have not even apologised to the court, let alone to us as parents.

“I wish they could go through the kind of pain they made my son go through. They should at least tell the world where they put my son’s head so that we may find closure,” said Mr Makore.

Tapiwa’s mother Ms Linda Munyori said she was relieved that finally her son’s killers were given a death sentence.

“I am relieved that justice for my Tapiwa has been served. I have not been myself since his death in 2020. Justice Mutevedzi’s judgment brought me back to life.

“I feel encouraged now. My heart still bleeds and I hope that one day, the person keeping my son’s head will be found and punished.

“I long for the day when my son’s head will be buried together with his body parts,” said Ms Munyori.

Ms Jacqueline Musaka, Tapiwa’s aunt, said she was happy with the judgment passed on the killers while Mr Barnabas Makore, brother to Tapiwa’s father echoed the same sentiments.

“We are very happy that after three years, judgment was passed although we still need to know where they put the boy’s head. They deserve to die because they took away an innocent soul in a manner that was unheard of,” he said.

The body of Tapiwa was found disfigured and cut into pieces, sending tremors and sparking far-reaching outrage throughout the nation.

Shamba confessed to the gruesome murder and this was confirmed by a magistrate and accepted by the High Court.

He told the court that they killed the boy with the intention of selling his body parts to a witchdoctor for US$1 500.

Shamba and Makore Snr were placed on their defence in October last year after the court found there was overwhelming evidence linking them to the murder.


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