Resilience from Vapostori 4ED

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The resilient Vapostori and the Zion churches have defied all the odds by showing that their promise to President E D Mnangagwa at Zimbabwe grounds was no fluke as they were in full force at Mutema high school in Chipinge for the launch of ZANU PF 2023 election manifesto which provides the road map for campaigning in the coming up harmonized elections.

The coordinator of Vapostori 4ED Emmanuel Muzhangiri thanked the Vapostori and Zionists for continuing to put their resources together and praying for the country.

Pastor Muzhangiri said before I tender my appreciation to the multitudes of Christians who have gathered here, Firstly Let me thank those who attended the Prayer at Zimbabwe Grounds which created the bond between churches and the country leadership. I will not hesitate to extend our gratitude and thanks to the Patron his Eminence Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, Madzibaba Moses Gwasaria who is funding 90% of the programs, Bishop Mugodhi, Madzibaba Obey Mapuranga, Madzibaba Chikobvu and gender being represented by Madzimai Gertrude Kuudzewe. All bishops who graced the prayer included Madzibaba Lawrence Katsiru, Andreas Shoko, Bishop David Masuka, and Bishop Reuben Mutendi to mention a few.

This time around we thank them for their continuous prayers and support because most of their church members are here at the launch of the ZANU PF manifesto in Chipinge giving support to the president.

We are going to participate in most coming events until the end of elections and inauguration event, as we shall continue with the gospel of maintaining peace in the country during and after elections. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo/ llizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo so it is our responsibility to pray for our country for peace and unity. As united Vapostori and Zion 4ED we are on our knees praying for peace, unity, eradication of poverty and removal of sanctions which are hurting the innocent from the indigenous churches and Zimbabwe at large.

It is also our duty to teach and campaign against drug and substance abuse. I take this opportunity to highlight that the war on prices and inflation has been escalated by economic saboteurs, vote wisely track our history use wisdom, not a stomach resist their plan articulated by the saying hungry lion is more dangerous to history and blood is thicker than water. Let’s believe in ourselves as Zimbabweans together we can.  

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