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If you’ve ever been in a relationships, you probably know relationships aren’t always a walk in the park but a rather  complex interplay of personalities, emotions and expectations.

One common aspect  noticed in many relationships is the frequency of heated but — in my view —  “futile” ill-informed arguments between men and women, where there’s never really a solution, or understanding of where each is coming from.  So the same issues keep recurring and ruining joy.  I’ve gotten to a point where I continually seek to understand why this is so, and why lifestyle magazines often said “Men are from Mars and women, from are Venus” — and just what can be done to have more peace between the genders.

So this week, to shed light on this “phenomenon”, we delve into the issues and tensions arising from gender differences and explore some key aspects women should know about men, as well as some areas men should master about women.

Not out of favouritism, I’ll start with tips and suggestions compiled for women about men, bearing in mind though, that these are general and that people are different and each relationship has its own merits:

 Communication differences:

Men and women often have distinct communication styles. Women should be aware that men may lean towards direct communication, while women often prioritise deeper emotional connection and rapport-building. Understanding these differences can foster clearer communication channels and minimise conflicts.

 Emotional Support: Men might find it challenging to express their emotions, preferring problem-solving or seeking personal space instead.

Women should realise that this does not mean lack of care or concern. Patience and offering support in a non-intrusive manner can help men open up and share their emotions more comfortably. But ladies, please don’t take it personal, you will frustrate yourself, blaming yourself, agonising when it’s really probably just his normal way of handling his issues.

Independence and Autonomy: Men often need their personal space and independence to pursue individual interests, like his sports or gaming, studies — as they say, if you know, you know. It is crucial for women to understand and encourage their partner to maintain a healthy balance between personal and relationship goals, fostering mutual growth and trust.

Respect for Boundaries: This one my sisters, hmmm…maybe a hard pill for some to swallow because there is a tendency to want to know every little detail of what’s happening with one’s partner, but please consider this. Respecting each other’s boundaries is paramount. Some men may require more personal time or space when dealing with stress or decision-making. Rather than continuing to poke and prode, realise that honouring these needs can strengthen trust and avoid potential conflicts. When he sees it fit, he will share.

Appreciation and Validation: It was Fathers’ Day just last Sunday June 18, in many parts of the world and the sentiment from some men who were vocal about it within my earshot was that women tend to overlook or dismiss a men’s need for appreciation.

Truth is men also value recognition and admiration for their efforts and accomplishments. Showing appreciation for their contributions, no matter how small, can greatly enhance their emotional well-being and further enrich the relationship.

On the other hand, from my observations/experience and research — women seem to enjoy being loved and I mean feeling it, seeing it; we’re are talking — tangible aspects as well as deep emotion.

In that regard, men should consider the following about  women:

Expressing Affection: Women often seek verbal and physical expressions of love and affection. Men should actively express their love and care through words,  acts of kindness, and physical touch to fulfil this crucial aspect of the relationship.

Emotional Connection: Connecting emotionally with their partners is essential for women. Men should be attentive to their partner’s emotional needs and practice active listening and empathy to foster a deeper bond.

Communication Style: Women often appreciate more comprehensive and elaborate conversations, discussing various aspects of their lives. Again, men, please exercise patience  and show genuine interest in these conversations, even if you are accustomed to more concise interactions. You will enjoy the results, I reckon.

Empathy and Understanding:

Women tend to process emotions differently, sometimes needing more validation and understanding. Men should strive to be in that patient node, not dismissive, be empathetic, and present for their partners when they require emotional support.

 Shared Responsibility: Women often appreciate men who actively contribute to household duties and shared responsibilities. Acknowledging and taking active steps towards sharing some domestic tasks can foster a more balanced and fulfilling relationship, and can even help the couple to bond.

While it is often said that men need respect the most and women need love, this generalisation requires careful consideration and handling in order to have balance. The idea stems from the biblical Scripture Ephesians 5:33, which states, “However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” This passage emphasises the importance of both love and respect within a marriage, ensuring a harmonious and mutually satisfying relationship.

Understanding the root causes of conflicts arising from gender differences can promote healthier and more fulfilling relationships. By acknowledging and embracing the unique qualities of the opposite gender, both men and women can navigate conflicts with greater empathy, communication, and appreciation for one another.

I must hasten to say the idea here is to just share a general perspective on conflicts in relationships from a male and female point of view and one article is not exhaustive nor prescriptive.

Individual experiences and dynamics  however, tend to vary significantly, and it is therefore always important to consider open, sincere communication with your partner.

Let me know if anything I’ve shared resonates with you or is helpful in some way. Thank you to those who keep the conversation going, sharing experiences, exchanging helpful information long after the article appears.

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