Remarkable Prayer Day by Vapostori 4ED

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It was a remarkable Prayer and celebration by Vapostori and Zion churches in Zimbabwe on Saturday 3 June 2023 which set the tone of peace before and after the election through prayer.

The Prayer programme was held at the historical Zimbabwe Grounds which marks the third convention the first being in 1980 when the former President, the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe arrived at the grounds escorted by the late Cde Solomon Mujuru (Rex Nhongo) holding his left arm and the current president Dr E D Mnangagwa holding his right hand.

H.E President ED Mnangagwa at Zimbabwe Grounds

The second gathering was held when the Zimbabwean masses came to support the new dispensation in 2017.

The third gathering is the one held on Saturday by Vapostori and Zion 4ED.

It was a prayer and celebration which was a first of its kind for churches to pray for their country in unison.

The function was attended by thousands of Christians from all walks of life who took time to pray for the country regardless of the harsh economic environment perpetuated by unscrupulous business people who have unjustifiably hiked the prices of goods and services.

The guest of honour was none other than His Excellency President Dr E D Mnangangwa as the name 4ED speaks volumes.

High-profile government and ZANU PF party officials and members were also present including the Vice President Dr C.G.D.N Chiwengwa, Chairperson Cde O.C.Z Muchinguri, National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha, Harare Province Chairperson Goodwills Masimirembwa, Harare Women’s League Chairwoman Ratidzo Mukarati to mention a few.

Appreciating the organ of Vapostori and Zionist 4ED who were in attendance notable is his eminence the Patron of indigenous churches in Zimbabwe bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, Chairperson of the apex council Bishop Washington Mugodhi, the organization driver funding 90 per cent of all the Vapostori 4ED across the country ten provinces national chair madzibaba Moses Gwasarira and his team of Emmanuel Muzhangiri national coordinator, magnificent madzibaba Chikobvu who was the master of ceremony, Information secretary madzibaba Obey Mapuranga to mention a few who catches the eye.

During the mentioning of the Vapostori 4ED council board, it was surprising to note the inclusion of David Mangoma as the deputy information secretary who was once a member of MDC party and this also shows how serious Vapostori 4ED is in terms of elections and recruiting of voters into the ZANU PF fold.

The notable absentee from the historical program was Apostle Wutaunashe who always be on the side of patron Bishop Mutendi when it comes to historic church programmes.

The information secretary Obey Mapuranga presented the needs for indigenous churches, including the most essential treasured possession, which is the church stands and the challenges they face with councils.

He emphasised that the Vapostori 4ED does not advocate for any high position of authority in the government shooting down circulating rumours which said they were advocating for a minister of religion in the parliament.

“Your Excellency we do not want high posts in the government, after the elections we will go to our places of worship to pray for the country and help the sick which is our calling” said Mapuranga.

He also highlighted that there are Church fathers who participated in the armed struggle, we come before you your Excellency to consider one of them to be accorded heroes status and the churches will be very glad that the history will be complete.

Patron for all indigenous churches in Zimbabwe was happy to see the birth of unity among churches and highlighted it’s high time we unite so that we can be able to unite the country.

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo/ llizwe lakhiwa ngabanikazi balo so it is our responsibility to pray for our country for peace and unity. It is in his prayers to eradicate poverty from the indigenous churches in Zimbabwe.

The Vice President introduced the President and in his introductory remarks, he took the opportunity to castigate the drug and substance abuse also highlighting the need to vote wisely for positive good service delivery from the council which abuses residents hiding with the ZANU PF government while they are 100 per cent in control of urban councils and failing to provide services to residents.

The President gave a sermon quoting bible verses. He preached giving the Christians direction from the history of armed struggle, independence, old and new dispensation humbling himself to the Bishops saying you are the leaders we are your servants taking into consideration that the church is the foundation of peace.

The President also corroborated that this is a historical event in the history of Zimbabwe marking the third event at the historic Zimbabwe grounds where he preached peace and unity which is vital to attain the vision 2030.

In his speech, he also touched on some developments ushered by the new dispensation, including introducing science and technology in university schools, which is key for development.

The President also noted the need for clean water and said that the ZANU Pf government will drill and install 35,000 solar-powered boreholes in all rural areas in Zimbabwe siting Binga where 17 solar-powered boreholes were drilled for Chiefs.

It is God who imparts wisdom and vision to come up with programmes and projects that develop the nation like pfumvudza/ intwasa to eradicate hunger, Invictus energy Muzarabani, 600 megawatt Hwange, airport refurbishment, and roads construction to mention a few.

The President did not hide his delight for China which constructed a 100 million United States dollars parliament building in Mt Hampden as a donation and also thanked the churches participating in development by building schools and clinics.

The vote of thanks was done by Cde O C Z Muchinguri who expressed disdain on commodities price hikes and inflation which are always pushed upwards when it’s time for elections.

Regardless of all this hardship, Vapostori and Zion 4ED promised their vote to the President from the councillor, member of parliament and the President through Bishop Washington Mugodhi who highlighted their vow by rallying the church to exercise their right to vote.

President Mnangagwa unveiled additions to the mantra which says nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, igotongwa nevene vayo,igonamatirwa nevene vayo.

What a day! The church has spoken. ZANU PF is poised for victory.

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