Old wine in a new bottle, The Inevitable Zimbabwe Election Package

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It has become the norm that whenever we are approaching elections there is an inevitable package which comes with the election mode a year or less before the election date.

The general populace is not surprised by the current wave of price hikes and the rising of inflation because they are now aware that whenever we are approaching elections people will experience hard times as the industrialists and retailers also participate in the regime change campaigns by default.

The inflation will be pushed upwards and unjustified price hikes will follow as those participating in the economic war want people to suffer so that they blame the current government. It is a hatched plan used by many opposition parties to throw spanners in the ruling government’s way so that they can be able to get relevance at the expense of people’s lives.

This year’s package is severe as we have started witnessing the clamping of cars across cities with Harare being the most affected. The fines charged are disproportionate to the offences committed which has caused a furore with motorists accusing the city fathers of fleecing the populace.

In Chitungwiza, residents were shocked to receive bills from the city council after nearly 2 years without receiving any statement or invoice. Council has been blocking water taps for those in default even though there is no constant supply of water.

Other residents highlighted that they only receive water once a month and others once a week and this is against the human rights which say residents have a right to clean water and entitles everyone to have access to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use.  

The residents are still questioning the logic blocking water taps while there is a cholera epidemic surging. The timing also smacks of a hidden agenda.

The massive package is the price hikes and inflation which affects everyone except those enjoying seeing innocent people struggling to make ends meet.

We thank the government for its quick intervention opening up to the general populace to import the highly important basics from outside opening the market for competition.

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