Mugodhi Faction Changes Target

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When a Wolf comes in white garments you jump to the conclusion that it’s an angel from God and yet it’s the deceiver harbouring the devil’s ambitions.

Regardless of court orders obtained from the courts, a faction which caused confusion in Mugodhi church and generated fighting at Chitope headquarters has now turned its focus to the Chitungwiza Unit K branch.

The same leaders fanning division now are the same people who asked the late bishop Tadeu Mugodhi to lead the church saying it was his father’s church and later turned against him when he pronounced his heir, Washington Mugodhi.

They have gone on a violent path causing confusion in the church.

When the Chitungwiza Mugodhi leaders advised Mugodhi to take his father’s church there were properties which include the Seke unit K church stand which also split respectively. The advisers of Tadeu Mugodhi at Chitungwiza church reported the other group who were against their support to the courts and they were ordered to share time intervals for church services that resulted in the advisers starting in the morning up to 12 o’clock and thirty minutes for vacating the premises.

They were not satisfied with this order and they appealed to the high court. The order from the lower court was upheld taking into consideration that every side contributed to the stand which put aside the name issue as the other side was now using the name Sangano Revapostori which they say is the real name of Mugodhi church from the onset.

After the death of Tadewu Mugodhi, the Chitungwiza leaders split the church again saying it was against the Mugodhi Church constitution for Tadewu Mugodhi to appoint his son and it results in terrible fights across the Mugodhi church even though the side of the advisers took the matter to the courts.

During the third split, the advisers appointed their bishop Munodawafa who passed the stick to Pastor Sigauke who is now the leader of the faction not recognizing the so-called constitution which was supposed to give senior pastor Enoch Mapfumo the leadership roles of the church.

The adviser’s move left congregates confused as to which constitution they followed because in the first instance, they advised Tadewu Mugodhi to act against the constitution and they also follow suit in appointing their current bishop Sigauke and passed the button to Munodawafa who overtakes the senior pastor Mapfumo.

After a streak of court defeat in every corner the Chitungwiza split advisers have now turned their violent swords to the Unit K branch provoking the congregants they share time intervals with.

They are barring the other faction from attending services at the church in defiance of the court order.

In 2021 there was an altercation at the same place perpetuated by the same which led to a police report being lodged and police warned both sides to abide by the court order hence sanity prevailed thereafter. The same problem is now resurfacing as the same are reverting to their old habits of violence and provocation.

 If applied well, the court order will give each side a chance to utilize their time slot at the church stand without disturbances from either side and wholeheartedly pray to the Almighty but in this case, it’s vis versa.

This disturbing attitude needs to be nipped in the bud for the good of the preaching of God’s word as their behaviour is now pushing the other side to sue them for contempt of court.

The church is a place where people get comfort and solace. It is sanctuary of peace and tranquility. We urge the warring parties to go back to the basics and smoke the peace pipe.

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